Rest assured that most employers will conduct a reference check if they are seriously considering bringing you on board. But that stage of the hiring process comes well after you submit your resume. For this reason, there’s no need to include “References available upon request” or similar language on the document.

Since the hiring manager will likely conduct a reference check anyway, you may think that it helps to let him or her know you’re prepared. But the thing is that employers will assume as much; they expect you to provide this information whether you say you can or not. And a line about your references just takes up space on your resume. Skip it, unlike these real-life job seekers:

RESUME: “Reference available upon request.”

You have only one?

RESUME: “Refrains available upon request.”

This one strikes the wrong chord.

“REFERENCES: Since I started with this agency, I have had many managers.”

May we contact any of them?

RESUME: “References available upon reques.”

We request you take another look at your resume.

“PERSONAL: I am considered charming. References upon request.”

Is Snow White among them?