You can pay invoices online as long as you have your customer number and invoice number. Follow the instructions below on how to use our payment portal.

Please note that Robert Half’s Payment Portal is currently taking payments only for U.S. invoices. Please contact us at 1.877.557.4623 to make a payment on a non-U.S. invoice.

Tip: If you still cannot find either your customer or invoice numbers, follow the instructions here on the Invoice Support page.
1. Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on “Invoice” in the footer. 2. Type in your customer number and the invoice number. (You should find this number in the top-right corner of your invoice.) Then click “Find invoice."  
1. The invoice corresponding to the invoice number you entered earlier should be at the top of the page.  2. Click on the checkbox under “Invoice Number.” On selection, the “Enter Payment” field auto-fills with “Amount Due.” 3. You can view additional invoices that are associated with the customer number that you entered. Select additional invoices to pay by clicking the corresponding checkbox(es). View more invoices by clicking “View all” or clicking through the pages. 4. As you scroll through the page, you will also see the running total of invoices selected and the payment amount due at the bottom of your screen. You have the option to click on the “Review selections” button at any time.  
  5. You also have an option to add an invoice with a different customer number by clicking the “Add invoice” button and entering the invoice number and customer number for the additional invoice. 6. Once you are done selecting the invoices to pay, scroll to the bottom of  the page to see the total balance due. Click "Review selections.”  
1. A list of the invoices selected on the previous page will show on the top. Review the list for accuracy. If you need to change any selection, click “Change my selection(s)” under the table. 2. Under the Selected Invoices table, the total payment amount of all the invoices and the number of invoices to be paid is displayed. 3. Fill out your contact information below. 4. Click “Next” once finished.  
1. You will be taken to our payment portal. A summary of the total number of invoices and total payment is displayed. 2. Below that information, you can submit your payment by eCheck, which is the default payment method. If you want to use a different payment method, click “Change payment method.” 3. Once you have selected a payment method, input the necessary payment information for your account. 4. Click the “Pay” button once you’re finished. 5. You will be taken to the Payment Submitted page as confirmation that the payment was successful.  
Contact us at [email protected] or 1.877.548.6964.