Resumania™: ‘Miscellaneous’ and ‘Other’ Matters

By Robert Half on August 4, 2014 at 7:00am

Compelling content about your qualifications or trivial tidbits that have nothing to do with, well, anything? Guess what a hiring manager is more interested in?

We’ve previously written about why you shouldn’t focus on hobbies in your resume, but you’d also be wise to avoid including a “Miscellaneous” or “Other” section.

If you struggle to find a place on your resume for a certain piece of information, it’s probably a good sign you don’t need to include it.

The following job seekers should have highlighted some of their “other” selling points:

“OTHER: I took a class to recognize smells of plastics that burn at different temperatures.”

You’ve left us with some burning questions.

“OTHER: Can find insects around the office and kill them!”

This “mite” not be your best skill.

“MISCELLANEOUS: My shirt is always tucked in.”

That’s more than we can say about some candidates we’ve interviewed.

“OTHER: I don’t eat breakfast cereals.”

That’s a new one.

“OTHER: Own two feisty felines.”

Would we seem catty if we told you to delete this detail?

“OTHER: I have multiple pairs of black shoes, black socks, black ties, black suits and black glasses.”

Are they leftovers from the Blues Brothers auditions?

“MISCELLANEOUS: Will not use ornate resume language unless specifically requested to do so.”

Regular resume language suits us just fine.

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