Got football fever? It’s hard to avoid considering the Super Bowl is right around the corner. But no matter how fervent a fan you are, keep the sports references and metaphors out of your resume and cover letter. Prospective employers may be unfamiliar with certain sports lingo, and you could risk your message being misinterpreted.

Your best bet is to write in a succinct and straightforward style. For example, instead of writing that you “roll with the punches,” simply note that you’re “adaptable.” Rather than highlighting in your resume your history of “stepping up to the plate,” provide concrete examples of how you’ve used your strong work ethic and go-getter attitude to help employers.

The following job seekers didn’t bring their ‘A’ games:

“GOALS: Beeing the MVP of the team.”

Seeing that typo has to sting.

COVER LETTER: “I have home runs on my resume.”

We’ll be the judge of that.

“SUMMARY: I am the Michael Jordan of sales.”

So does that mean you’re retired?

COVER LETTER: “I will get my game face on before the job interview."

Your regular face will be just fine.

“JOB DUTIES: Half of my work comes from fumble recoveries.”

He takes the ball and runs with it.

COVER LETTER: “I look forward to tackling your team.”

It’s definitely football season.

“SKILLS: Always the on ball.”

You’re off your game today.