21 Accounting Clerk Interview Questions to Expect  

By Robert Half on August 12, 2019 at 8:30am

If you’re looking for a job as an accounting clerk, we have a list for you: a sampling of accounting clerk interview questions to practice answering before you meet with the hiring manager.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the skills, experience and education required for this role, which should be laid out in the job posting. Consider how your accounting resume matches the job description and how you can showcase your background and abilities.

Accounting clerk positions are usually entry level, with a required proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, particularly Excel. While this varies at companies, typical duties for this job include matching invoices to purchase orders or vouchers, performing data entry and assisting with the processing of accounts payable and accounts receivable

In a larger company, an accounting clerk may specialize in a specific area like accounts payable, accounts receivable or payroll. A/P clerks update and maintain expense records, and process and send payments. A/R clerks monitor payment activity, prepare and submit invoices, and deposit receipts. Payroll accounting clerks collect and process time cards, calculate taxes and prepare payroll checks.

Solid interpersonal skills are also important in this role. Accounting clerks may be the financial record keepers in an organization, but they’re also expected to interact with coworkers, communicate with customers and vendors, solve problems and multitask in this job.

So what questions should you expect to answer? Here are some sample questions:

Icebreaker interview questions

1. What are you most proud of, either personally or professionally?

2. If you Googled yourself this morning, what would you mostly likely find?

3. What inspired you to apply for this accounting clerk job?

4. What do you hope to accomplish in your career?

Knowledge- and skills-based questions

5. What is the role of the accounting clerk in an organization?

6. What computer programs and software have you used on the job?

7. Have you taken any courses or training in maintaining account records or preparing financial statements?

8. What do you enjoy most about this work: data entry, filing documents, reconciling bank statements or processing invoices?

9. What methods do you use to check data for accuracy and avoid errors?

10. How do you handle tight deadlines when you’re working as a clerk?

Interview questions about work experience

11. What responsibilities did you have in your last job?

12. Are there career skills you’ve developed on the job that might be useful in this one?

13. What types of financial records or reports have you prepared, and how was the data used?

14. Do you have a customer service or administrative background?

15. What industry experience do you have?

16. Have you ever worked with confidential documents?

17. Do you have job experience with depreciation software?

Soft skills and nontechnical abilities

18. What sort of work environment do you prefer — quiet solitude or bustling office — and why?

19. How do you stay organized and focused?

20. Why is an eye for detail important in this job?

21. Can you describe a difficult situation you’ve encountered at work and how you handled it?

More about the accounting clerk interview

Interviews offer an opportunity to answer questions about your work experience and skill level, and also to ask your own questions about the job and the organization. As the job seeker, spend some time getting comfortable about what you might be asked. Practice for each question with an answer that shows how you’re the right clerk for the job.

Consider temporary accounting clerk jobs

You might also consider temporary work. Interim assignments allow you to get your foot in the door in a company to see what it’s like and to show an employer your potential. They also give you a good idea about what it’s like to work as an accounting clerk before you accept a full-time role.

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