Employment Trends That Could Affect Your Hiring

By Robert Half on January 9, 2018 at 5:50pm

Hiring is hard enough. Don’t make the job more difficult by failing to take into account current employment trends. You need to know which skills are in demand, which positions other companies are hiring for and how deep the pool of available candidates is. Otherwise, your efforts to attract skilled professionals could fall flat. 

Each quarter, Robert Half looks at the latest employment trends across a wide range of industries. We’ve prepared short infographics so you can quickly understand the current labor market for your field. View our infographics to get: 

  • A rundown of the hottest positions in your industry
  • A look at unemployment rates for these roles
  • Exclusive research from Robert Half to help your hiring efforts

Employment trends infographics (Q4 2017)

Choose your industry below to see an infographic of employment trends.

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