During the pandemic, organizations of all kinds realized the importance of having highly skilled marketing and creative talent. From public health bulletins showcasing the latest pandemic conditions to corporate campaigns communicating ongoing changes to customer interactions, well-crafted messaging, content and branding have never been more critical.

As such, creative professionals know they’re more valuable than ever — which is drawing up new challenges for employers.

“We’re seeing an extraordinary transformation in the recruitment market right now,” says Diane Domeyer, executive director of Robert Half’s marketing and creative practice. “It’s affecting industries across the board, with our latest research revealing that 95% of business leaders think it’s difficult to find skilled talent.”

So which trends could impact your marketing and creative future?

If you want to hire and retain the cream of the creative crop, you need to understand what’s motivating them. Recent research by Robert Half revealed critical trends among marketing and creative professionals.

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Why Your Marketing & Creative Team May Have Designs on Leaving from Robert Half

Of note:

  • 51% of marketing and creative pros feel their career has stalled. If your employees feel like their career paths have hit a roadblock, they’ll be all ears when one of your competitors offers an alternative route. Leaders should try to check in with everyone — especially top performers — and discuss long-term options so your best people have an active professional development plan in place.
  • 69% think they could easily find a new job. It’s a candidate’s market right now, especially for those with in-demand skills. Rival employers may try to poach your brightest talent, so make sure that your salary structure is up to date with current market levels. Use the Robert Half salary calculator to check starting salaries in your industry and location. Managers can get creative, too: If you can’t match your competitors on pay, perhaps you can beat them on perks like flexible working hours.
  • 90% are confident that their skills are current and relevant. Skilled workers are an asset to your team — but are you using them in the right way? Check in with each employee to ensure they have engaging projects that make the most of their talents — and that challenge them. When professionals stretch themselves, they sharpen vital soft skills like resilience and problem solving, adding value to their careers and your organization.
  • 36% plan to look for new opportunities. The pandemic caused many people to stop and rethink their priorities, and plenty of creative professionals decided it’s time to move on. Find out what’s on your team’s wish list, such as remote work options, and try to give them what they need. Employees who feel valued and listened to are less likely to jump ship.
  • 76% would leave a company with values that don’t align with their own. Values can refer to working patterns, interpersonal interactions, client handling, environmental and social governance, or any other part of your corporate philosophy. And if your actions on the job don’t reflect your stated values, it may be time to renew your organizational culture.

The future of marketing and creative recruitment

These trends might represent a crisis for some firms. For others, they signal a rare opportunity.

“There’s plenty of exciting talent out there if you know how and where to look for it,” says Domeyer. “Remote working means that you can broaden your search to access in-demand skills anywhere in the world. If you’re organized, focused and mindful of employee needs, this could be a great time to expand your creative team or find a new role.”

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