Looking to woo creative talent? While offering competitive compensation is critical, your workplace culture matters more than you might think. Here's how to promote your company's culture to potential employees.

Low unemployment rates and the increasing demand for specialized talent have created a challenging hiring environment for employers. While a competitive salary, and good benefits and perks are key to attracting top talent, many creative professionals are looking for more. So what can employers do to entice active and passive job seekers?

A unique selling point every company has is its workplace culture – no two are alike. Here are four ways to highlight your company culture during the recruitment process:

1. Get descriptive

When writing a job description, include a section about your company’s culture. Is it more of a formal, quiet environment or is open communication and creative discussion encouraged? If your organization offers unique perks or ample professional training opportunities, mention it, too, as it will certainly factor into a candidate’s decision.

2. Show some personality

Savvy candidates will review your website and social media pages, so it’s important to show them what’s unique about your workplace culture. Post photos of your office and employees (with their permission), as well as testimonials from current team members about why they enjoy working at your company.

3. Show them around

At some point during the in-person interview, take top contenders on a tour of the office and introduce them to other team members. Being able to see where they’ll be working each day and who they’ll be interacting with is a great way to showcase your company and assess cultural fit.

4. Look for areas of improvement

Ask current and prospective employees how they define a healthy and engaging office environment. It will help you determine if you need to implement changes to attract and retain top creative talent.