Top-notch soft skills aren’t merely preferred by employers today — they’re now expected for most roles.

Because attitude is everything on the job hunt, don’t just focus on your technical qualifications when crafting your resume and cover letter. Emphasize those increasingly pivotal soft skills, too. These strengths might include the ability to lead a team, negotiate, build consensus or resolve conflict.

The following job candidates didn’t come across as remotely cooperative or easy to work with:

Attitude adjustment, anyone?

“PERSONALITY: Not very outgoing; hate talking to people.”

We don’t love your attitude.

Plain-spoken or too direct?

“ABILITIES: It’s just a plain fact that I get things done, but my communication is blunt.”

No sugarcoating it for you.

Rude is as rude does

“OVERVIEW: Very rude person seeks new job.”

We doubt the demand is high for that particular qualification.

We don't have you covered

COVER LETTER: “I’m the kind of manager who often barks at employees, but I don’t bite.”

This candidate doesn’t have a dog’s chance.

COVER LETTER: “I deal with feeling overworked and underpaid by speaking to others in a condescending tone.”

Surely that’s not the smartest coping strategy.

Maybe so, probably not

“OBJECTIVE: I don’t like my work or my boss. I need to find a new boss. Maybe you could be the one!”

Our fingers are crossed.