Tips to land a job

Boost your chances of landing a role with these timely tips and advice for identifying opportunities, writing a resume, interviewing and negotiating a job offer.

How to show your interpersonal skills during an interview

Find out how to showcase your interpersonal skills during a job interview to any potential employer.

12 tips for looking for a job in Japan

Is writing a cover letter a thing of the past for job seekers? Far from it. Discover how you can convince hiring managers to call you for an interview.

How to answer: “What is your expected salary?”

Follow these five tips to improve your salary negotiation skills and land the job you deserve.

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2024 Salary Guide Access Robert Half’s 2024 Japan salary guide, including salary range data, perks and benefits, hiring trends and average salaries in Japan, with a focus on corporate culture. Career development How to write a resume in English Bilingual soft skills are increasing in demand in Japan. Learn how to prepare your resume in English. Job offer Learn how to make an effective job offer to the right candidate for the job. Counteroffers Learn why counteroffers are not the solution to retention and how it can negatively impact your team. 'What’s your expected salary?' - Tackling the big interview question “What is your expected salary?” Follow these five tips the next time you’re asked this question. How to avoid your job offer being retracted There are many things jobseekers can do that will result in the company pulling the job offer. Find out why. How to write a resume with job hopping Not sure how to write your resume if you have a history of job hopping? Find out our top tips to accomplish this. What to wear to an interview Feel prepared and make a good first impression with our tips on what to wear to an interview What questions should you ask during a job interview? Do you know what questions to ask during a job interview to ensure success? What to do before changing jobs: 3 steps to a regret-free career move Searching for a job can be overwhelming. Our comprehensive guide outlines three essential steps towards a career move you won't regret and ensures a smooth transition into your desired role. Common mistakes during a job interview Don’t let these mistakes during a job interview impact your likelihood of landing your dream job.

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