Tips to find a job

Boost your chances of landing a role with these tips and advice for identifying opportunities, writing a CV, interviewing and negotiating a job offer.

Job search basics: eight steps to success

We have put together the basics everyone should know when searching for a new role in the UAE.

How to prepare for a job interview

Here, we offer our top six tips for interviews to make sure that your experience, knowledge and personality shine through.

Advice for jobseekers in the UAE

In this blog, Gareth El Mettouri, Market Director, Robert Half, UAE, shares his thoughts on the ins and outs of job hunting in the UAE.

How to answer: “What is your expected salary?”

Don't panic when you're asked about your expected salary in a job interview. Read our tips on how you can answer with confidence.

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2024 Salary Guide Explore Robert Half’s 2024 salary guide, including up-to-date salaries, perks and benefits and hiring trends in Dubai and the UAE.  Career development Research and insights What is a competitive remuneration package? What makes a competitive remuneration package and what perks should you offer? Find out how to secure top talent with your remuneration package benefits. How to write a winning CV for accounting and finance jobs in the UAE Our recruitment experts reveal how the best accounting and finance CV examples showcase desirable skills and how to negotiate using salary and market insights. Common interview mistakes by hiring managers Explore a few common interview errors that could stand between you and your top choice candidate. Identify and overcome them with these helpful tips. Skills to make your receptionist CV pop Here are some tips to help you highlight skills on your receptionist CV to stand out from the competition. 5 steps to successfully handling an employee raise request How you handle an employee raise request can directly impact team morale. Our experts give examples of reasons for a salary raise and 5 top negotiation tips. How to write a good cover letter Do you know how to write a good cover letter? Our recruitment experts show you a winning covering letter template and how to use it for application success. CV writing tips: how to land legal assistant jobs in Dubai Want to apply for entry-level legal jobs in the UAE? Our experts share top CV-writing tips for legal assistant roles, plus must-have skills and experience. How to write a good CV in the UAE We provide an example of how to write a great CV in the UAE, plus a job application CV template to help you get a head start.

More job search tips

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