People management advice

Discover people management advice for increasing productivity and morale so your workers feel valued and want to stay with your company.

How managers can effectively communicate in the workplace

Whether you’re a manager at a large company or a small business, the way you communicate with your employees can pave the road to success — or create a path of increasing uncertainty.

Why employee recognition should be every manager's top priority

Our UAE recruitment experts share why strategic employee recognition initiatives are vital to company culture, the positive impact on business outputs, and how you can reward your employees for their efforts.

5 steps to successfully handle an employee raise request

Our experts are here to help you successfully traverse salary negotiations while still showing appreciation and recognition for employees. They share examples of reasons for a salary raise, how to set those expectations, and non-financial alternatives.

30 creative ideas for boosting employee morale and retention

Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach for recognising a job well done, we have compiled 30 creative suggestions for you.

More management tips

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