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From salaries to skills, find out what’s driving today’s workforce trends and get exclusive insights to help you win the competition for talent and jobs.

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2024 Salary Guide

Discover projected starting salary ranges, benefits and hiring trends. Start your salary discussions here. Discover which perks and benefits most employers offer — and those desired most by employees.

2024 Salary Guide: What’s on the cards for UAE recruitment in 2024?

The salary guide combines insights from our recruitment team in the region with research amongst employees, revealing the trends that are affecting the job market, and are likely to continue doing so as we move into 2024.

How to assess a job offer in the UAE

Here are some guidelines to help you so you'll know exactly how to choose a job that is right for you.

5 steps to successfully handle an employee raise request

Our experts are here to help you successfully traverse salary negotiations while still showing appreciation and recognition for employees.

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2024 Salary Guide Explore Robert Half’s 2024 salary guide, including up-to-date salaries, perks and benefits and hiring trends in Dubai and the UAE.  Hiring tips Research and insights Preparing for an interview in the UAE Tips and advice on UAE job interviews - with typical interview questions and the answers hiring managers may be looking for. Salary and hiring trends From negotiating salaries to the most in-demand perks and benefits find out the latest workforce trends and get exclusive insights to help you beat the competition. The best situational questions to ask during an interview Ask your candidates these situational interview questions to identify their potential and find the best fit for your company. What is a competitive remuneration package? What makes a competitive remuneration package and what perks should you offer? Find out how to secure top talent with your remuneration package benefits. Explaining your salary expectations You may be asked to specify your expected monthly salary while applying for a job in the UAE. Here's how to craft a perfect response. How to write a resignation letter (with sample) Learn how to resign with our expert advice on how to write a resignation letter sample for a UAE role. How to apply for Executive Assistant job in Dubai Applying for Executive Assistant jobs in Dubai? Here are three helpful tips to help you get your career started in the UAE. How you can restart your career Does it feel like your career has come to a standstill? Here are 5 signs your career has stalled and what you can do to kick-start it again. Common interview mistakes by hiring managers Explore a few common interview errors that could stand between you and your top choice candidate. Identify and overcome them with these helpful tips.

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