12 In-Demand, High-Paying Roles in the Legal Field for 2024 In-house counsel/associate general counsel, 10+ years’ experience Director of compliance, 10+ years’ experience Lawyer/attorney, 4-9 years’ experience Manager of litigation support/eDiscovery, 7-9 years’ experience Legal operations manager Legal administrator Paralegal manager Patent agent Contract manager, 10+ years’ experience Lease manager Records manager Senior legal assistant Legal professionals with specialized skills and experience are in high demand. From seasoned in-house counsel to roles in compliance and litigation, the legal field provides high-paying opportunities that cater to various expertise levels and areas of interest. To get a sense of the positions in demand today, here’s our rundown of 12 standout roles for legal professionals featured in the 2024 Salary Guide from Robert Half. 1. In-house counsel/associate general counsel, 10+ years’ experience With a decade or more of experience, these high-ranking professionals work closely with a company’s general counsel and senior management. They are responsible for managing legal teams, assigning cases and overseeing recruitment within the legal department. Employers usually seek candidates with expertise in transactions, intellectual property, labor law, real estate and securities regulations. Familiarity with compliance and corporate governance issues is also crucial. Experience with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations and Sarbanes-Oxley legislation may be specifically required for those working in public companies. See our open in-house counsel/associate general counsel jobs. 2. Director of compliance, 10+ years’ experience A director of compliance goes well beyond ensuring regulatory compliance. This role also involves actively developing and implementing strategies for ethical and legal conduct within the organization. The director is responsible for designing and overseeing targeted compliance programs, liaising directly with regulatory agencies, and establishing protocols that shape the organization's culture around lawful and ethical behavior. Minimum qualifications include a bachelor's degree, though a master’s in finance or risk management or a Juris Doctor (JD) is often preferred. See our open compliance director jobs. 3. Lawyer/attorney, 4-9 years’ experience Lawyers with four to nine years of experience occupy an enviable position: They’ve accrued valuable experience and expertise, yet still have the flexibility to explore and learn new practice areas. Such professionals often take on a range of responsibilities, from litigating complex, high-stakes cases to managing emerging legal teams. They may also focus on specialized, high-demand fields like digital security law or intellectual property law or manage entry-level associates and professional staff. See our open lawyer/attorney jobs. 4. Manager of litigation support/eDiscovery, 7-9 years’ experience A manager in litigation support and eDiscovery organizes and analyzes electronically stored information for cases. With seven to nine years of experience, those at this level are recognized experts in legal technologies such as data analytics tools and eDiscovery software, and they often serve as the primary liaison between outside firms and vendors. Their strategic management of digital evidence directly impacts legal outcomes and streamlines the litigation process for the firm. See our open manager of litigation support/eDiscovery jobs. 5. Legal operations manager These professionals bridge the gap between a law firm’s administrative and legal functions. They are responsible for implementing cost-saving initiatives, improving operational efficiency and ensuring compliance with legal standards. Typically, candidates for this role possess a bachelor’s degree, extensive legal experience and certifications in project or operations management. See our open legal operations manager jobs. 6. Legal administrator A legal administrator is a key player for day-to-day operations within a law firm. Specific duties often include staff recruitment, benefits management, annual review processes, and contracts for office supplies and software, as well as overseeing budgets and tracking finances. They are also responsible for coordinating the firm’s meetings and off-site events. Experience in human resources and office management, preferably within a legal context, is usually required for this in-demand role. See our open legal administrator jobs. 7. Paralegal manager These supervisors manage the workloads and case assignments for teams of paralegals, as well as supervise other legal staff like legal secretaries or file clerks. Additional responsibilities include tracking continuing education hours for the team and ensuring the quality and accuracy of the work produced. Alongside these supervisory duties, a paralegal manager typically manages their own caseloads, engaging in legal research, file maintenance and trial preparation to support lawyers at their firms. Qualifications generally include at least five years of paralegal experience, technology proficiency and strong analytical, communication and organizational skills. See our open paralegal manager jobs. 8. Patent agent A patent agent is a specialized legal professional who has passed the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) patent bar exam, qualifying them to file and manage patent applications for scientific inventions. Unlike general attorneys, they must have a background in engineering, science or another area in which they specialize. Their work involves not only handling patent applications but also studying inventions and advising clients, participating in trials, and negotiating and drafting patent agreements. See our open patent agent jobs. 9. Contract manager, 10+ years’ experience With a decade or more in the field, an experienced contract manager plays a pivotal role in drafting, analyzing, negotiating and finalizing contracts. They serve as the single point of contact during negotiations, consolidating guidance from internal experts on pricing, commercial requirements and delivery timelines. The role includes meticulous record-keeping of all contract-related communications and documentation. Contract managers work in various industries, but the role is particularly critical in law firms, where contracts are a daily business requirement. See our open contract manager jobs. 10. Lease manager A lease manager specializes in handling all aspects related to property leasing for large real estate practices, commercial property management companies or corporate entities. With significant experience in real estate and legal compliance, they negotiate, renew and manage leases, ensuring favorable terms and conditions for their client or organization, and often supervise other team members. Candidates with in-depth knowledge of the legal field and experience in retail leasing or in retail or commercial property development are in high demand. See our open lease manager jobs. 11. Records manager Managing both digital and physical files, professionals in this role focus on overseeing a firm’s records center while also developing, implementing, and maintaining comprehensive records and case management policies. Candidates are typically expected to bring at least five years of specialized experience in records management, preferably gained within a legal environment. A supervisory background and credentials like a certified records manager (CRM) designation are often highly sought by employers. See our open records manager jobs. 12. Senior legal assistant With three to five years of experience as a legal assistant and previous supervisory experience, individuals in senior legal assistant roles manage the legal support team and may engage directly with clients. An associate’s degree in a law-related field is generally preferred. Responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day workflow and scheduling, ensuring staff coverage during evenings and weekends, and hiring and training administrative staff. See our open senior legal assistant jobs. Interested in learning more? Check out the Robert Half Salary Guide today. It’s packed with localized insights to help you adjust your salary expectations based on regional cost of living, current demand and other variables.