Credit Analyst

Credit analyst job description

Credit analysts typically must have a high degree of technical competence and the ability to work independently. Strong quantitative skills, with some familiarity of basic statistics, are needed. Credit analysts must have at least two to three years of experience working in a quantitative and analyst capacity.

A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, accounting, mathematics or physics is required; a master’s degree in these fields is preferred. Professional certification such as a chartered financial analyst (CFA) is a plus.

Typical duties of a credit analyst

  • Analyzing existing and potential loans
  • Presenting recommendations to senior management and credit committees
  • Providing written loan approvals, and modifying and restructuring existing loans with loan officers
  • Creating financial projections
  • Performing required monitoring of existing investment portfolio performance
  • Assisting portfolio managers with analysis and due diligence on prospective fund investments
  • Maintaining various financial databases
  • Identifying potential investment offerings
  • Assembling and synthesizing data needed to run risk management models

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