Resumania®: Avoid These Easy-to-Make Resume Mistakes

By Robert Half on November 12, 2021 at 8:00am

"Don’t sweat the small stuff” is sage advice for handling many situations in life. But you can safely toss that adage out the window when it comes time to write or update your resume. That’s because every word counts.

For instance, you might be the world’s greatest manager, but if you refer to yourself as a manger, prospective employers will surely question your professionalism and attention to detail. Given the close scrutiny you’ll face from hiring managers, it pays to proofread with precision.

In addition to running spell-check, consider checking for resume mistakes, both on screen and on paper. Asking a friend to review your work is also a wise idea.

Seemingly small typos created big problems for these real-life job seekers:

“REFERENCES: References will be made up on request.”

We’d prefer genuine ones.

“EDUCATION: Currently perusing a master’s degree.”

Let us know when you’re done looking at it.

“INTERESTS: Exorcising my sense of humor every day.”

He apparently works in a fun-free office.

“SALARY REQUIREMENTS: $935 per weak.”

Not a strong start.

“RESPONSIBILITIES: Death with difficult customers.”

Whatever happened to, “The customer is always right”?

“QUALIFICATIONS: I ooze mangnetism.”

Sounds messy.

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