How Project Consultants Can Turn Your Business Problems Into Wins – 3 Case Studies

By Robert Half on August 12, 2016 at 3:30pm

Project consultants can work with your business in many ways, and for various lengths of time, depending on the nature and complexity of your project.

Here’s a quick look at three different types of project consulting services, each accompanied by an actual case study to help illustrate how project consultants can turn your business problems into wins.

1. Staff augmentation or interim management

When your current staff is working at or beyond capacity, you can look to project consultants for additional help on either a short-term or an ongoing basis. A consultant can also be instrumental in helping to move your initiatives forward in the absence of one of your senior-level managers.

Case study: Interim CFO

The president of a privately held distributor of household goods required assistance to help restructure operations and increase profitability. We supplied an experienced CFO to provide financial leadership and support the restructuring initiative. Our interim CFO was able to help reduce inventory carrying costs and excess inventory by $3.2 million; reduce commercial debt by $2.3 million through improved free cash flow; and plan and execute an annual reduction in operating expenses of $876,000.

2. Resource-based project consulting

Resource-based project consulting can be completely customized to fit the scope of your project. You can choose to round out your current team by adding just one specialist or you might prefer to outsource an entire project to multiple specialists.

Case study: Cost recovery audit

A large energy company was nearing completion of its biggest refinery expansion. The firm needed help to quickly review and find errors in subcontractor invoices — some as long as 16,000 pages. We supplied a team of auditors and data analysts with industry experience and certified internal auditor (CIA) and certified public accountant (CPA) credentials. The initial audit recovered more than $6 million. Based on this success, the company expanded the project. In total, our team recovered more than $30 million in fraud, overbilling and miscellaneous errors.

3. Deliverable-based project consulting

For larger or more complex initiatives, an end-to-end project consulting solution is an option. When you work with a staffing agency that’s partnered with a full-service consulting firm, you have access to everything you need. Specialists are equipped to implement new tools and improved processes as they work through each project phase. They’re also accountable for project oversight and ownership. Then, when the project is complete, they can ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge back to your team.

Case study: Business process outsourcing

A global software company was seeking a business solution to help increase efficiencies in their finance and accounting functions, including streamlining their outsourcing processes. We initially provided 15 project consultants; the client later expanded our level of support to a group of 50 billable staff across multiple business units and locations.

The on-site project manager was responsible for overseeing the selection and hiring process for the full finance function, including positions in tax, program accounting and payroll as well as finance groups such as audit, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), credit, and revenue recognition. We then delivered additional special projects, completed business continuity testing, and implemented process improvements that saved — and continue to save — labor and costs for the company.

Whether you’re ready to explore an exciting business opportunity or you need to solve a unique workflow challenge, it’s worth your time to consider how project consultants can help. They can shoulder the workload and contribute to your bottom line at the same time.

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Robert Half Management Resources specializes in management consulting, which is delivered through our unique blend of interim management staffing and project consulting options. By working with Protiviti, a global consulting firm and Robert Half subsidiary, we can also provide companies with a full range of consulting services in:

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