How to Interview – If You DON’T Want the Job

You may be thinking about looking for a new job, but the prospect of the interview (or multiple ones) makes you a little nervous. Knowing how to interview is tough. We get that. If you do your homework and practice interviewing, chances are you’ll put your best foot forward. But for some people, the idea of polished interviewing skills just doesn’t resonate. Or they get bad advice like the guy in this video! 

While I can spend a lot of time sharing tips on how to interview, here are few lighthearted examples of what not to do. These are real-life missteps shared from hiring managers nationwide, courtesy of Job Hunting for Dummies, 2nd Edition (John Wiley & Sons).

No more cheese, please! A candidate waiting in the lobby opened a large bag of cheese crunchies and began eating them. When the interviewer greeted him, he extended a hand covered with orange dust.

Hold the antacid. The interviewer walked into the lobby to meet a nervous candidate, whose mouth displayed a ring of antacid from the bottle he was holding.

Maybe it’s not the door that should be shut. The first thing an applicant said when he reached the hiring manager’s office was, “If I come to work here, you’ll have to fix the door in the lobby. It aggravates me when it slams shut.”

Is there a five-year plan? When asked where she saw herself in five years, the candidate replied, “How am I supposed to know  isn’t that your job?”

Wake up, it’s time for the interview to start! A candidate fell asleep during the interview.

Pets are better left at home. A candidate pulled his pet iguana from his briefcase, saying “I didn’t want to bring him here, but he hates to be alone.”

You better just leave now. A new graduate came to his interview wearing sunglasses and licking a lollipop. He commented to the hiring manager, “This is my style … you can take it or leave it.”

Enjoy these lighthearted videos on interview mistakes, and be sure to check out this guide on how to interview. Also, share your stories below. We’d like to read your comments on blunders you’ve encountered or heard about.



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