Practical Productivity Tips to Maximize Your Time

Making the most out of the workday and productively managing time are challenges for every small business. Whether you’re pushing through busy season or donning your eighth hat for the day to stamp out another fire, these productivity tips and tools can empower you to take control of your time. Don't forget to learn why you should save your most important tasks for Tuesdays, how and why staffing services can boost your small business productivity and how to manage your time wisely with busy accounting and finance schedules.

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Productivity Tips

5 Tips for Turbocharging Your Morning Routine


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My morning routine at work starts with a cup (or two) of Joe and perusing my email inbox. And it seems I’m in good company. According to an Accountemps survey, 58 percent of chief financial officers (CFOs) said reading email is the first thing they do at the office. Working on a project was a distant second (13 percent), and 11 percent start their morning routine by creating a to-do list.

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Be a Macromanager, Not a Micromanager: How to Delegate to Boost Productivity


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A smart leader knows not to micromanage and handhold, but rather to communicate and delegate. Chasing around each and every employee to check up on their progress will burn you out, kill office morale and hurt productivity. Your accounting and finance professionals are more than competent — after all, you likely hired most or all of them. But to lead your team to success, you must first learn how to delegate. 

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Productivity Bite: Healthy Snacks for Work Stamina


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THUD. Did you hear that? That was the sound of your employees hitting a wall, when their energy drops off and they... just... can't... think... any...more. Employees not thinking isn't very good for business. We've served up a number of tips about how to keep productivity at optimal levels on this blog: herehere and here. Want to know another way to help keep your team firing on all cylinders? 

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15 Tips to Boost Your 'Super Tuesday' Productivity


An infographic titled "Productivity: Is Timing Everything?"

Friday might be fun, but Tuesday’s the day to get stuff done. Tuesday, after all, ranks as the most productive day of the week, according to an Accountemps survey of managers. And not only is today a Tuesday, but it's also a Super Tuesday. 

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How Accounting Staffing Agencies Maximize Small Business Productivity


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There comes a moment in the growth of many small businesses when addressing all of their accounting needs can feel like a struggle. Maybe business is growing faster than expected, or a seasonal crunch has pushed existing staff to their limits. To avoid falling behind, many small businesses tap into the expertise and flexibility offered by accounting staffing agencies to bring temporary workers on board and push through busy times.

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