Our Governance

Our approach to governance is guided by our core value of integrity and includes bringing directors to our board that have the right experience, skills, independence, and diversity, along with building trust by managing data security and confidentiality risks.

Ethics: a fundamental value for 75 years

Our corporate governance efforts are grounded in one of our earliest core values: Ethics First, a guiding principle since 1948. Now referred to as our value of “Integrity,” it informs how we structure our business operations, employee conduct, and regulatory compliance.

Integrity and ethics

Central to our culture and embedded within our business at every level, Robert Half remains committed to operating with ethics and integrity in everything we do.

Our ethics and compliance team, under the leadership of our General Counsel and Corporate Compliance Officer, oversees our compliance program. Design and management of the program is guided by our Compliance Program Advisory Board, which consists of senior executives across our company. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets clear expectations for upholding our ethical standards.

Board structure

Our Board of Directors plays a fundamental role in overseeing Robert Half’s strategy and risk management activities, including those related to the ESG issues that matter most to our business and stakeholders. We are deeply committed to promoting inclusion and belonging throughout our organization, including our executive leadership, and our directors bring to bear a broad range of qualifications, skills, and attributes in executing their roles.

Learn more about our commitment to inclusion and sound corporate governance in our Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Maintaining trust through IT security & data protection

One of Robert Half’s fundamental imperatives across our business is continuing to maintain the trust of our clients, candidates, and employees by managing the security, confidentiality, and integrity of the data we collect from them.

Learn more about how we have implemented privacy and security measures at the organizational, architectural, and operational levels, and continuously seek to implement and improve on security and data privacy best practices.

ESG report

Learn more about our work and progress on these corporate governance topics via the links above and by downloading our ESG report.