After three decades of uninterrupted economic growth leading up to the pandemic, companies across all industries have enjoyed sustained growth, with hiring activity increasing – especially in the finance and technology sectors. Consequently, recruitment jobs in Australia for UK citizens are on the up with talent acquisition specialists being part of the fastest growing jobs as the country becomes a top destination for professionals looking to advance their careers.

As Australia’s job market gains even more momentum in 2022 and the demand for skilled recruiters grows, now could be a great time to be looking for recruitment jobs in Australia for UK citizens. In a high-demand market, people with sales experience or those who have experience in the areas they would like to specialise in, such as finance and tech, will also discover plenty of opportunities to make the transition to a lucrative career in recruiting.

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What are the benefits of being a recruiter?

Recruitment is a highly rewarding career. Most importantly, it’s not about filling roles or ticking boxes, but partnering with businesses and jobseekers to help them meet their company goals and build a thriving career.

Working as a recruiter gives you the chance to exercise skills that you might not have the opportunity to use so freely in other careers. For example, being responsible for your own relationships in your industry of expertise, you’ll be working with different hiring managers and candidates to identify their unique needs which requires independent thinking and high-level problem-solving skills.

While recruiting gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs as a leader in your own right, it’s also far from a typical nine-to-five office job. Maintaining strong and regular communication with industry leaders and talented candidates, as well as engaging in ongoing negotiations are critical to getting the best results.

Unlike most other careers, working as a recruiter also allows you to make the most of your competitive side. In other words, if you’re highly motivated by achieving goals, developing your career as a recruiter could be an exciting pathway which gives you the chance to grow professionally while earning a strong salary.

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Why consider a career in Australia?

Recruitment jobs in Australia for UK citizens and other international candidates are plentiful, but aside from the significant opportunities to develop your profession as a recruiter, the culture and lifestyle Australia promises is a big drawcard for people moving from the UK to Australia for work.

With beaches, rural regions, a warm dry climate all-year-round and all kinds of outdoor pursuits easily accessible from major hubs, a healthy work-life balance is easy to achieve Down Under. Meanwhile, Australian cities are incredibly multicultural societies and are home to many annual events, cultural entertainments, and world-class arts and food scenes for those who enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe. Here’s what else you need to know about making the move to Australia:

  • Recognition of UK qualifications. The similarity of several professional skills and standards between Australia and the UK makes it easy for Australian companies to onboard UK professionals with minimal training. Meanwhile, without a language barrier, candidates from the UK can also easily slot into the workforce while professional development through upskilling is easier to achieve.
  • Australia offers competitive salaries. In 2021, the median weekly pay for full-time employees in the UK was reported to be the equivalent of around $1,156. Meanwhile in Australia, the average weekly full-time income is higher at around $1,737.
  • The cost of living is cheaper in some parts of Australia. The cost of living can be lower in some parts of Australia than the UK. While Perth is voted one of the least expensive and most affordable capital cities in Australia to buy and rent a home, housing affordability is also one of Brisbane’s most appealing qualities.
  • Australian workers enjoy similar perks and benefits to UK professionals. Similar to the UK yet unlike other countries around the world, full-time employees in Australia work an average of 38 hours per week and are entitled to four weeks paid leave every year.
  • Excellent public transport. All Australian cities also offer well-developed public transport systems which are affordable and eliminate the stresses often associated with commuting in some of the UK’s dense towns and cities.
  • Low crime and great healthcare. On a global scale, Australian urbanisations are known for their low crime rates compared to comparable cities around the world. A first-class healthcare infrastructure which is split across public and private facilities is also easy to access.

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How Robert Half can help you

If you’re an experienced recruiter or you have extensive sales experience in finance or technology and you are interested in making the move Down Under or would simply like to find out more about recruitment jobs in Australia for UK citizens, Robert Half could have the opportunity or advice you’re looking for. Here’s why you need to consider getting in touch if you’re interested in developing your career as a recruiter in Australia.

  • We can sponsor you: As an international business, we can assist and facilitate your move based on your experience and determine if you qualify for sponsorship under Australian visa rules. Robert Half has a long history of sponsoring experienced recruiters in line with government guidelines, which means we are always up to date with the latest immigration policies to ensure you find the best and most efficient pathway forward.
  • We help facilitate your move: It’s not just about securing the right job or visa either; Robert Half also understands that moving from the UK to Australia is a big life-changing decision and, if you qualify for sponsorship criteria, we will support your transition long after your arrival. Our services include in-house HR personnel to guide you through the process of relocating your life to Australia when you join our organisation and you can expect to receive support from your new colleagues as you acclimatise to your new home – many of whom have even followed the same path.
  • We help you understand the local market: Our people and HR team will help you adapt to your new role and environment, from learning the cultural nuances of the local recruitment market to finding out what it’s like living and working in Australia. Additionally, with over 70 years in the business, our training programs are tried, tested, and constantly refined to reflect the latest market trends and to get you up to speed and familiar with our business and its operations.

If you are interested in making the move from the UK and want to find out more about recruitment jobs in Australia for UK citizens, apply for one of our available jobs today.