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Salary Guide

2016 Legal Salary Guide

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Want to know the lawyer salary or paralegal salary ranges in your area? Your salary questions for hundreds of legal positions are answered here. Discover the latest hiring trends and job search strategies by downloading our 2016 guide. It includes up-to-date projections on:

  • Law firm positions:
    • Lawyer
    • First-Year Associate
    • Paralegal
    • Administrative/Office Manager
  • In-house positions:
    • Lawyer
    • Paralegal
    • Legal Secretary
    • Compliance Manager

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2016 legal salary snapshot

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Robert Half Legal's 2016 Salary Guide tracks compensation levels and hiring trends for more than 100 roles. Find out what the lawyer salary or paralegal salary range is in your area, who can expect the biggest paychecks in the coming year, what new job titles are emerging and how the hiring environment is changing.

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Salary negotiation - Don't let this happen to you!

Hope to push your paycheck to the higher end of the lawyer salary or paralegal salary range? Watch our blooper videos so you don't make some of these embarrassing mistakes in your next legal salary negotiation. 

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2016 Legal Hiring and Compensation Trends

2016 legal salary and hiring trends

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