Helping Increase Public Sector Resilience with Talent and Managed Solutions

Federal, state and local government agencies and other organizations in the public sector, like schools and healthcare organizations, have been under extreme pressure since 2020. Many were already grappling with limited resources, but COVID-19 and the resulting economic downturn stretched these organizations beyond what they even thought possible.

Public sector organizations that have been most effective in navigating this environment of rapid disruption have remained flexible and applied innovative solutions to meet new challenges.

What does that approach look like in practice? Here’s an overview of three areas where using investigations, access management, and modernization represent three areas where brining innovative solutions can help public sector organizations increase their resiliency and mission orientation.

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Expand investigative support services

Government agencies at all levels need help vetting and conducting investigations into unemployment claims to ensure efficiency and accuracy. When an organization works with a leading provider of investigative support services for the public sector, like the Robert Half Government team, they get access to:

A team that’s able to deliver various models to support investigations, including fact-finding, appeals and adjudication.

A team with the ability to deploy teams in fully remote and secure environments with full IT technology, enablement and tier one support.

A provider with experience driving continuous team performance with training, performance analytics and quality assurance (QA) processes.

Why work with the Robert Half Government team for investigative support services

Our team has worked with more than one quarter of states in the U.S. to provide pandemic support services with unemployment related agencies. During this time, we have helped accelerate throughput in backlogs and closed millions of cases by deploying several thousand in-state residents to help their fellow residents.

We’ve been selected by more than 25% of U.S. states to provide support services related to unemployment benefits.

Cement identity access management (IAM) controls and re-entry protocols

Fundamental changes in enterprise IT infrastructures and new hybrid work environments make the location of applications, users, data and devices unpredictable. In this environment, location-based strategies for security aren’t effective. That’s why user identity is now at the center of any public sector organization’s security framework — and an essential element in building robust security policies that work.

Public sector organizations that can handle IAM effectively — ensuring the right users have appropriate access to critical technology resources and sensitive information — help empower and earn the trust of those users and the public.

Why work with Robert Half Government for IAM

Our team has been delivering IAM design, development and implementation experience to a critical federal infrastructure agency for more than two decades. And we apply the technical experience we’ve amassed to assist local governments, companies and other organizations in navigating the important balance between secure operations and operational performance.

For example, we worked with a large federal healthcare agency in need of single sign-on (SSO) capability to provide seamless access to other Agency Login-enabled applications with the same account and password. The solution serves over 200 applications.

IAM solution that serves over 200 applications

Provide educational support services

Public and private schools, including higher-education institutions, require skilled resources to help them set up and reliably deliver remote and hybrid learning, provide technical and learning support, and ensure security and privacy. Many schools are also in significant need of additional administrative support, as well as assistance with COVID-19-related expense management and reopening preparations.

A talent solutions provider that supports the public sector can offer solutions for remote and hybrid learning enablement that are seamless and cost-effective for educational institutions.

Of students remotely connected by our team during a school district closure.

Why work with the Robert Half Government team for educational support services

During the pandemic, the Robert Half Government team has worked with more than 800 school districts and 600 colleges and universities in the United States to provide educational support.

For example, when a major school district, the second largest in its state, was forced to close all its schools in mid-March 2020, our team helped the district administration roll out distance learning to more than 100,000 students. The Robert Half Government team helped 90% of students get connected in less than three weeks — ahead of the scheduled launch date.

Take the next step toward building a strong community

Our team is uniquely positioned to provide talent, managed services and consulting to support public sector organizations. Here are just a few reasons Robert Half Government stands apart from other talent solutions providers:

Local and national presence

We can provide the right number of skilled resources, including local talent, required for a project, just in time.

Technology enablement

We deliver services and capabilities that many public sector entities struggle to provide on their own due to lack of resources.

Experience with leading technologies

We have a vast array of tech skills and expertise, including database capabilities and AI experience, to apply to projects.

Contracts that simplify engagements

We can allow state and local government (SALG) entities to add unique contract terms to many of our existing contract vehicles.

Long-standing, state-level cooperative agreements

In addition to these agreements, such as with HGACBuy, we have proven experience with teaming entities, including many large government contracting firms and minority set-aside entities.

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