An offshore drilling company integrated its purchasing and accounts payable systems to create efficiencies and reduce costs.   The company needed to improve poor master data and fix inefficiencies across its entire procure-to-pay (P2P) process.   Protiviti addressed improvements in data integrity, process automation, operations and other functions and helped set the stage for cost-saving capabilities.
The client was aware that its procurement challenges stemmed from inefficiencies across its entire P2P process, plus delays and bottlenecks within its heavily customized ERP system. The company needed a strategic alliance with broad experience to help transform its procurement, receiving, accounts payable and payment and accounting processes, and improve poor master data. 
Phase 1: Addressed vendor master data problems, improved efficiency and automation of P2P processing, and redefined the organizational structure and responsibilities Phase 2:  Developed a strategic sourcing methodology, implemented supporting technology, and conducted sourcing events to deliver sustainable and significant cost savings Organized the new P2P function under a single owner to create clear responsibility and accountability for the process
One of the keys to success in this transformation was early and unwavering support from company management, which recognized the need for change and put its full backing into every phase of the project.  Resistance to change can be one of the biggest obstacles to achieving transformation. By embracing change in this case, management increased the chances of a positive outcome and contributed to the project’s ultimate success.
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