A nationwide eyecare chain integrated cloud analytics to create a more efficient and collaborative financial planning cycle.   The company wanted to extend the capabilities of its SAP Business Planning and Consolidation software and gain a clearer view of its financial reporting.   Protiviti’s SAP experts guided the overall business and technical strategy, enabling the organization to develop a new and improved financial planning process.
The company recognized it needed to make its financial planning cycle more efficient and collaborative to engage its 1100-plus stores, and increase participation in the financial planning process.   The organization planned to integrate cloud-based analytics into its existing SAP financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting tools to provide a more robust view into the real-time impact of key business drivers and to aid forecasting.
Created a holistic solution that covered all financial reporting needs, including gap, management and operations reporting. Extended the company’s SAP Business Planning and Consolidation capabilities to SAP Analytics Cloud, and built a future-proof solution that: Removed silos so users are empowered to participate in every aspect of the processEncouraged collaborative enterprise planning at all levelsProvided access to all users via a cloud-based architectureProvided real-time calculations harnessing the power of SAP High Performance Analytic ApplianceAllowed for deeper analysis through SAP Analytics Cloud 
Currently in the first phase of its plan to extend its financial planning, the company anticipates taking advantage of the readily available predictive capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud and creating an automated FP&A process. For now, its new reporting and planning landscape allows the company to clearly see what’s in store.
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