Is the future of hiring flexible? More than a third (38%) of UK businesses are already using recruitment strategies to hire temporary staff to fill the skill gaps in their teams and many more are planning to make temporary hires in the coming months.

Read on to discover the benefits of flexible recruitment and developing a recruitment strategy that meets your practical business needs.

The benefits flexible recruitment strategies

Flexible recruitment is gaining popularity—this is unsurprising when you consider all the benefits it has to offer. 

One of the most effective recruitment strategies is flexible recruitment. A flexible recruitment strategy helps to save money by turning fixed recruitment costs into variable expenses. It also helps to improve retention, as permanent employees feel more valued and secure in their roles. It leaves them free to focus on more complex tasks and also helps them upskill through co-working with niche talent.

There is also competitive advantage to be gained. In light of the upcoming economic uncertainty regarding the UK’s exit from the European Union, hiring flexibly could help protect your business from economic highs and lows, rather than being tethered to an expensive, rigid hiring structure. 

5 ways to implement a flexible recruitment strategy plan

1. Assess the greater business strategy
Before you start to plan your flexible recruitment strategy, you’ll need to take a look at the business’ objectives for the coming months. Large projects, such as digitisation or intensive product launches, and seasonal busy periods will provide a clear indicator as to which months/weeks will require additional headcount. 

2. Look at individual team workloads and skills
Once you’ve clarified the greater business goals for the year, you should aim to move down the chain and explore temporary recruitment needs on a more granular level.

Meeting with team leads will help you closely identify skill gaps and ongoing vacancies which need to be filled. You’ll also gain more insight into individual staffing needs, such as cover for holidays or maternity leave.

3. Create an attractive offer
One of the best ways to secure top talent is to have stand-out benefits and salary. Using internationally recognised reports, like the Robert Half Salary Guide, can help you find salary benchmarks for all industries, based on the level of experience you’re hiring for.

4. Know where to find the best talent, fast
Temporary recruitment is at its most effective when done at speed, which means having quick access to a pool of qualified temporary talent. Teaming up with a recruitment agency will take some of the pressure off and ensures that each CV you get is a strong match for the vacancy you’re trying to fill. Another benefit to having an agency on your side can help ease your recruitment strategy process by allowing time for flexible recruitment to be planned out to meet your business needs.

Agencies usually have a network of readily available talent and are well-versed in screening and interviewing quickly. Once you’ve established a good working relationship, hiring becomes faster and easier because your chosen agency will be familiar with your corporate culture, recruitment process and employee preferences. 

5. Speed up your flexible recruitment hiring process
To gain the most value from your temp or contract employees, you’ll need to streamline your hiring process. Temporary employees are usually keen to make quick starts in new roles and are more likely to take an opportunity elsewhere if a prospective employer takes too long to make an offer.

To help temporary staff hit the ground running, ensure your recruitment strategies allow you to move quickly when making an offer and that you onboard them as soon as possible. It’s recommended that you train them as though they’re full-time employees and that you make sure you explore their full skill set, so you know you’re getting maximum value. 

Interested in creating a flexible recruitment strategy

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