Job Market

The job market is more complex than ever because of new technologies, globalization, an emerging generation of workers and many other factors. These powerful forces can affect your career goals — and your ability to reach them. So it's important to understand the latest job market trends. Robert Half can help you stay up to date on these trends, spot job opportunities and dodge obstacles in your professional path.

6 Signs You're Stuck in a Dead-End Job

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Women in Technology: Then and Now

The history of women in technology is long and complex. Yet, the lack of female representation in the tech industry today remains significant. It’s also worth serious reflection, especially during Women’s History Month. Read on to learn more.

The Advantages of Being a Goldfish

When searching for a job, it helps to maintain an even keel. See this post by Robert Half’s Gary Williams to learn more about the “goldfish approach.”

2023 Hiring Trends: Things May Be Better Than They Appear

Early 2023 indicators suggest this year’s hiring may not be as sluggish as some had predicted. Learn more details about hiring trends in this post from Robert Half’s Katie Merritt.