While it’s good to expect general interview questions — such as “What’s your biggest strength and weakness?” or “Why are you a good fit for this job?” — it’s more important to be prepared for questions a hiring manager may ask that delve further into the skills sets and personality traits required for the administrative jobs you’re applying for. Robert Half Canada is here to help with a list of administrative interview questions you may be asked if you’re a serious contender for an office support job. Administrative interview questions to expect: 1. What appeals to you about office admin jobs? 2. What do you find most challenging about office admin jobs in general? 3. Why do you think you would be the best fit for this administrative position? 4. What technologies and applications have you used in your past office admin jobs? Which ones are you most comfortable with? 5. What type of documents or reports have you worked with or been asked to produce? 6. What steps do you take to ensure the materials you produce are accurate and error-free?   Don’t forget that the interview is also your chance to ask the potential employer questions about the job and work environment. Find out how you can evaluate organizational culture.   7. What type of work environment brings out your best performance? 8. Do you have experience working remotely? If so, how did you ensure you continued to provide the level of necessary support while working outside the office? 9. What would your previous boss say is your greatest strength as an administrative professional? 10. What was the reporting structure in your previous office admin jobs? 11. Have you ever reported to multiple supervisors simultaneously? If so, how did you juggle each manager’s priorities? 12. What, if any, regular interaction did you have with colleagues in other departments? With other levels of management? Tip: For questions like 11 and 12, a great way structure your response is to follow this template: identify the stakeholder, what was the communication stream, how were priorities achieved. Approach with facts rather than an emotions-based one. You never want to speak ill or blame others, as this can come across as you are not a team player.   Looking for your next career opportunity? Search Administrative Jobs   13. Tell me about your experience working with clients, vendors and the public. 14. Tell me about the most demanding customer — either internal or external — you have ever encountered. How did you ensure this person’s needs were met? Tip: For answering question 14 and ones alike: use specific examples, define the challenge encountered in a succinct manner, outline a solutions-oriented approach you took, and maintain professionalism in how you speak about a difficult situation. Your ability to be clear and concise in your response is what interviewers are looking for. 15. Have you ever had conflict with a more-senior member of the team in past office admin jobs? If so, please tell me how you handled it. 16. How do you feel about managing other employees? 17. How do you feel about delegating work to colleagues when you do not have direct supervisory authority over them?   Stop second-guessing yourself about whether you rocked it or blew it. Discover these 7 signs an interview went well.   18. Tell me about a complex project you were asked to complete. How did you organize it and manage your time? Tip: Don’t overdue it. Pick one project to focus on rather than use multiple projects where there were multiple aspects across them that could be shared with the interviewer. Prepare a project ahead of time and have it broken down into a streamlined explanation so you are not caught off-guard and risk rambling. 19. Given the fast, often unpredictable, pace of office admin jobs, how do you prioritize tasks during the average workday? 20. Tell me about an administrative project you completed that you are particularly proud of. 21. Tell me about an administrative project you managed where the deadline or deliverable changed suddenly. How did you handle the situation?   Tip: Interviewers ask this question to gauge your actions under pressure. Your response should reflect a level of adaptability. With all difficult interview questions, remember to stay honest and highlight your strengths in the situation. 22. Can you give me any examples of measures you took in previous office support jobs to reduce costs, increase revenues or create efficiencies? 23. Describe a time when you exceeded expectations and provided superior customer service. 24. What have you done in the last year to develop your skills or knowledge of the administrative profession? 25. What traits or qualities do you feel are necessary for success in administrative jobs?   More resources How to Answer, ‘Why Do You Want to Work Here?’ How to Talk About Your Weaknesses in a Job Interview How to Write Thank-You Emails After Interviews   By preparing thoughtful answers to these administrative interview questions, job seekers can confidently showcase their skills and make a strong impression on potential employers. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in landing your dream role! Looking for additional advice? Check out these tips to land a job.