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Systems Security Administrator in Wichita, KS

Systems Security Administrator Job Description

Systems security administrators maintain and support existing business system applications. They must demonstrate technical knowledge of data systems security procedures and familiarity with systems hardware and software. Candidates should have good communication skills and the ability to work well in a team setting. It is important that candidates keep abreast of industry security trends and developments, as well as applicable government regulations. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, plus several years of computer systems and security-related experience are typical requirements for the job, although relevant work experience can sometimes be substituted for a four-year degree.

Typical systems security administrator duties:

Monitoring systems security and responding to security incidentsParticipating in security systems testing; documenting failures and corrective action takenReporting anomalies with systems and monitoring database uptimeEnsuring integrity and confidentiality of sensitive dataPreventing and detecting intrusion

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Salary for Systems Security Administrator in Wichita, KS
88399 - 126516
25th percentile
New to the role, with little or no experience; requires more than casual instruction or supervision to perform day-to-day duties
50th percentile
Has the experience to consistently perform core responsibilities without direct supervision; very comfortable with processes and subject matter associated with the role
75th percentile
Value to the organization goes far beyond the ability to perform normal job duties; has rare qualifications that enable consistent contribution in unique ways; ready for next career level when available
Projected salaries for related positions Position title 25th percentile 50th percentile 75th percentile Systems Security Manager 111310 136045 160984 Security Architect 108877 123678 138478 Data Security Analyst 97320 119623 138073 Network Security Engineer 93265 113540 132801 Network Security Administrator 85966 102389 122056

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