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Network/Cloud Manager in Princeton, NJ

Network/Cloud Manager Job Description

Network managers direct and coordinate data and voice networking, management information systems, and staff. They are responsible for the configuration and maintenance of networking equipment, including switches, routers, firewalls and voice systems, and keeping IT support staff updated on tools and processes. Network managers need outstanding interpersonal, management, and oral and written communication skills, as well as excellent operational knowledge in Windows-based server management and workstation computing solutions. A bachelor's degree in a computer-related field, three or more years of successful network/server troubleshooting and experience managing technical personnel are preferred. Industry-recognized certifications are also valuable.

Typical network manager duties:

Directing day-to-day operations and maintenance of the firm’s networking technologyCollaborating with network engineers, architects and others on the analysis of network hardware and software requirements and contributing to the design of network integrationProviding reports to IT management regarding network system performance, utilization and complianceManaging and mentoring a staff of network technicians

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Salary for Network/Cloud Manager in Princeton, NJ
139375 - 200938
25th percentile
New to the role, with little or no experience; requires more than casual instruction or supervision to perform day-to-day duties
50th percentile
Has the experience to consistently perform core responsibilities without direct supervision; very comfortable with processes and subject matter associated with the role
75th percentile
Value to the organization goes far beyond the ability to perform normal job duties; has rare qualifications that enable consistent contribution in unique ways; ready for next career level when available
Projected salaries for related positions Position title 25th percentile 50th percentile 75th percentile Network/Cloud Architect 166250 207188 245000 Wireless Network Engineer 144688 176250 204375 Network/Cloud Engineer 133125 159688 186875 Network/Cloud Administrator 106563 130313 152813 Telecommunications Manager 115313 143438 165938 Telecommunications Specialist 82500 99688 118438 NOC Technician 72813 89375 107500

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