by Victoria Sprott, Director, Robert Half

Many of the attributes displayed by the best and most intuitive recruitment consultants are actually qualities that can be gained and developed in a wide variety of job roles. So if you aren’t sure if you will do well in a career in recruitment, stop to think about everything you have learned throughout your career.

You’ll be surprised to find how many skills you already have that can help you to thrive in a recruitment role. Here is an outline of the attributes that would make somebody a good fit to work in recruitment:

An understanding of the sector and the business

Consultants must have a firm grip of where their candidates will fit into the wider business community. As a result, they need to have a comprehensive understanding of the company, its culture and current industry trends.

These insights into the bigger picture can be invaluable in advising companies on current hiring trends and ultimately helping to decide the best candidate for the role.

Communicating effectively on an interpersonal level

On any given day consultants deal with a wide array of people, so a role in recruitment is an ideal fit for anyone who has experience building relationships with customers and clients, and networking on behalf of the wider organisation.

Being able to decipher when it is the best time to listen and when it is the best time to ask questions – and the right questions – to get the information you need is a skill that you can develop in a wide variety of business settings. These skills can easily be adapted to support your career in recruitment.

Excellent time management

Being able to prioritise while juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities at the same time is an invaluable skill to have to work in recruitment. Employers are often looking to hire a candidate within a strict time frame, and for temporary or interim roles that can be a matter of days or even hours.

Taking initiative

Are you somebody who is able to operate on your own initiative, solving problems as they arise and able to adapt to sudden changes and developments?

Consultants tend to operate independently, taking the lead on dealing with candidates rather than following instructions step by step. You must be able to think on your feet and actively make contacts to build a strong network of clients and candidates.

Looking for a new challenge

Although consultants work in a sales environment, the difference is that truly striving to have a positive impact on someone’s working life is what drives you to succeed.

Having an appreciation to make a difference to someone’s life through the right job, work–life balance and professional success will bring out the best in you as a recruitment consultant. At Robert Half we are committed to helping our people tap into their potential and offering them varied and rewarding career paths.


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