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Are You Asking for Professional Development Training the Right Way? Seeking more professional development opportunities? Read Robert Half's advice on how to increase your chances of getting company-paid training. 7 Professional Development Tips to Expand Your Job Skills Is it time to build your job skills? Read on to discover seven professional development tips to succeed as an accounting and finance professional. Starting a New Job? Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes Just starting a new job? Don’t relax yet. Read our tips on avoiding five of the most common mistakes that new employees make in the first 90 days. Recruiting Creative Talent: Tips to Network and Hire Essential Talent Do you feel like your network is tapped when it comes to creative talent? Read seven strategies to grow your network and make recruiting creative talent easier in this Thought Leadership piece by Lucy Marino. How to Hire a Software Developer Looking to hire a software developer? See this post for tips on how to attract skilled developer talent in a competitive hiring market. How Generative AI is Changing Creative Careers The emergence of artificial intelligence has many creative professionals wondering if they’ll be able to adapt fast enough. The answer is yes, if you make the effort. Learn more in this Thought Leadership piece by Lucy Marino. How Recruiters Can Make Your Job Search Easier Not sure how recruiters can help with your job search? Read this post from Robert Half recruiter Zach Allison. He breaks down all the basics you need to know about working with these pros. 10 Phone Interview Questions Recruiters Like to Ask You can learn a lot about a potential hire just from a phone interview. In this post, discover some of the go-to questions Robert Half’s recruiters use when evaluating candidates by phone for finance and accounting job opportunities. 9 Reasons Why You Should Work at a Creative Agency Working at a creative agency can be professionally enriching and has many other benefits. Learn more in this thought leadership post by Robert Half’s Lucy Marino. Navigating Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Is tension escalating with some of your colleagues? Read our 7 tips to navigate conflict at work.

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