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2024 Salary Guide Access Robert Half’s 2024 Salary Guide & Survey, including data on salary ranges, perks and benefits, and hiring trends. Lost Talent, Missed Opportunities: Preventing the Consequences of Hiring Mistakes A bad hire can have several negative consequences. See this infographic for insight into why hiring managers make mistakes and six tips on better hiring practices. 8 Realistic Tips for Time Management When Working from Home Time management can be challenging no matter where you’re working, but working from home presents its own special set of issues. See this post for tips on how to be effective and productive when working from home. How to Hire Employees: 6 Tips to Head Off Hiring Headaches Hiring mistakes are costly and can lead to numerous problems. Read our tips on how to hire an employee who will deliver maximum value to your company. Trending Tech and IT Skills Reflect Talent Demands for Priority Projects Research from Robert Half shows the demand for tech and IT skills considered to be “emerging” has actually been rising for years. Learn more in this post. Why Consulting Can Be an Attractive Move for Financial Leaders It’s an exciting time to become a finance consultant. See this post to learn why — and how to do it. How to Write an IT Help Desk Resume Unsure how to write a help desk resume? We've gathered tips and top skills to assist you in writing a help desk resume that grabs a hiring manager’s attention. See this post for clear directions. Internal Auditors Need Outstanding Soft Skills — Here’s Why Many internal auditors today find that to do their jobs effectively, they need to bring even more to the table: soft skills. Learn more Interviewing Your Next Legal Hire: The ‘Quick 3’ Assessment Use these three revealing interview questions to unlock hidden dimensions of the candidates you’re considering bringing into your law firm or legal department. 7 Ways to Support Employee Career Development and Advancement Apply these seven strategies to help your team members gain experience, grow professionally and achieve their career goals.