Device Management – Software Support

When you work a contract position with Robert Half, you will be provided with a Windows 10 laptop containing the online version of Microsoft Office 365. If you need access to Microsoft Office 365 desktop applications for use on your Robert Half device, make a request to your local talent solutions professional.
The client company you are working for is responsible for providing or giving access to any additional software or applications required for your remote work. You will need to partner with the client and their IT department to download and install the required applications.  The client is responsible for providing links, credentials, instructions and support. Robert Half is unable to troubleshoot client-provided applications.
You can download Adobe Reader, a free application, for your Robert Half device here If you need Adobe Pro or Creative Cloud programs, contact your local talent solutions professional. In some instances, Robert Half will need to partner with our clients to facilitate the acquisition of required applications at no cost to you.
Before contacting technical support, please try the following:  Restart your device Verify that all equipment is properly connected Check your home internet speeds here If those steps don’t resolve your problems, contact us at 888.744.9202 and press 6 for technical support. If you have technical issues with client-provided applications, seek assistance from the client.