At Robert Half, we value the insights and priorities of our employees when evaluating grant requests. That’s why we provide two options for nonprofit organizations seeking funding, both of which involve input from our employees.
We accept applications on a rolling basis from nonprofits promoting workforce development and education initiatives. We prioritize organizations serving the San Francisco Bay Area, where we are headquartered, or near our other North American Corporate Services locations in Boston, Mass.; Deer Park, Ill.; Ankeny, Iowa; King of Prussia, Pa.; and Toronto, Canada.   Our Grants Committee, made up of a diverse group of Corporate Services employees, meets on a monthly basis to review applications. If your organization is interested in applying for a grant, please email [email protected] to confirm that your nonprofit meets eligibility guidelines and receives a grant application.
Robert Half teams across North America support many 501(c)(3) nonprofits and registered Canadian charities through volunteerism and fundraising activities. These strong relationships often lead our employees to request additional funding for local organizations. Such grants are considered “employee championed” and must be submitted by a Robert Half employee; there is no preference given to specific locations in North America or the type of service provided by the nonprofit. No formal application is required; however, the nonprofit is reviewed for eligibility and asked to submit a W-9.   Interested in connecting with a Robert Half office near you to explore opportunities to work with your organization? Email [email protected] for more information.
The following guidelines apply to all aspects of our Leading by Example program (matching gifts, grants, volunteerism, etc.). Eligible organizations, subject to other eligibility requirements, include: All organizations must be deemed a 501(c)(3) nonprofit by the IRS or registered Canadian charities. Education organizations (K-12, colleges/universities, PTO/PTAs), except seminaries and theological institutions. If the school is religious in nature, it must allow students of all faiths and no faith to attend and must be accredited. Religious organizations may become eligible only if the funds are designated for a secular purpose that benefits the general public (e.g., soup kitchen, homeless shelter). Ineligible organizations include: Organizations whose practice conflicts with Robert Half’s Equal Opportunity Employer policy.* Where federal law allows, Robert Half will consider an exception for religious organizations that qualify under the law to prefer co-religionists with respect to hiring and other employment decisions. Churches, synagogues or other places of worship, unless the funds are designated for a secular purpose that benefits the general public. See Eligible Organizations. Organizations not operating for the benefit of the general public or with discriminatory practices. Adult athletics (e.g., community athletic programs and/or leagues, memberships, "circles," naming, tickets, and tables). Dues to alumni groups, clubs, fraternities/sororities and trade organizations. Political and lobbying groups and organizations. Foundations and other organizations that re-grant or distribute funds to individuals or organizations that are not eligible for matching funds per Robert Half’s guidelines.  Direct donations to Donor Advised Funds (DAF). Only the beneficiary of the fund can receive the match as long as it meets eligibility guidelines. Organizations included on the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list, supportive of subversive activities or involved in geopolitical destabilization efforts. The following types of contributions are specifically excluded from the matching gift opportunity: Grants to individuals (for example, GoFundMe accounts),]. Political contributions. Membership fees (clubs, organizations supporting hobbies, fraternal or social groups or professional/academic/alumni associations). Contributions that offer the donor or family member personal benefit. Examples include: dues, subscriptions, fees (including event registration), tuition, tickets (including raffle), dinners and sports team membership (youth and adult). Only the tax-deductible portion of these contributions will be matched. In-kind contributions (goods and services).
Robert Half International Inc. (“RHI”) reserves the right to grant or deny any organization’s participation at any time, for any reason, and to supplement or amend these eligibility guidelines at any time. By participating in this program, you agree that selections regarding which organizations are eligible are made at RHI’s sole discretion and are not subject to review.   *Equal Opportunity Employer   It is the policy of Robert Half International Inc. to provide equal employment opportunity in hiring, promotion, transfer, compensation, benefits, and all other employment decisions. These opportunities and other conditions of employment are extended to qualified applicants and employees without regard to an individual’s ancestry, race, color, religious creed, sex, pregnancy, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity (including transgender) or expression, age, marital status, medical condition, mental or physical disability, national origin, citizenship/immigration status, military or veteran status, or any other protected status under applicable laws. Robert Half will not make any posting or employment decision that does not comply with applicable laws relating to labor and employment, equal opportunity, or employment eligibility requirements. Robert Half does not require U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residency in the U.S. as a condition of employment except as necessary to comply with law, regulation, executive order, or federal, state, or local government contract.   Robert Half reserves the right to revise or discontinue this program or any part of this program at any point in time for any reason or no reason.