FTSE 100 CEO Tracker | Robert Half UK
What are the trends at the top, and how did some of the world’s most influential business leaders get to where they are today? The CEOs of the FTSE 100 are some of the most influential business leaders in the world, expertly navigating their organisations through challenges and identifying opportunities that can keep them moving forward.         But how did they get there? Robert Half’s FTSE 100 CEO Tracker investigates hiring trends and tracks the career paths of those at the top.
Robert Half commissioned global consulting firm (and wholly owned subsidiary) Protiviti to undertake analysis of data of the FTSE Top 100 Companies as of 9th March 2022 from the London Stock Exchange, via the Protiviti Knowledge & Innovation Centre. Data has been gathered for Financial Year 2020 and recognises changes to the FTSE 100 that are due to take effect on 21st March 2022. 
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