Direct start | Robert Half
Need to fill a job immediately without losing precious time to job interviews and selection? With the Direct Start solution of Robert Half, a qualified candidate can start soon, even as soon as tomorrow. At the end of their first workday, you evaluate the candidate we have proposed. Are you satisfied with their work? Then he or she returns. You gain time… and talent.
We understand your challenges as a hiring manager. Sudden absences, due to sickness or other circumstances, can be stressful. Not only are you concerned about your colleague, but also about the consequences for your organization. As it is your responsibility to keep all departments up and running. Administrative, HR, customer service and accountancy departments cannot afford to experience the negative impact of an absent colleague. Whether the absence is for a long or short period of time, and whether it is foreseen or unforeseen: you want to guarantee the quality of your organization’s workflow.
We only work with talent that can start immediately. You’ll be surprised at the speed in which we can fill your job vacancy. Through the course of the day, we will evaluate the collaboration together with you. Do the skills and work ethic of the temporary employee match your company needs? If they do, the candidate returns to the office for work. Does the candidate not meet your expectations? Then we do not send an invoice for the first day.
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