The job interview plays a large part in getting you your dream job and career.

When you do get offered the opportunity of a job interview at your company of choice, you want to do everything in your power to ensure it goes well. You can visit our job interview hub for information on the entire process, including what to wear, questions you may be asked and questions you should ask, the stages of a job interview, and many other helpful tips and techniques.

Even if you are prepared though, there are a number of mistakes during a job interview you could make which may jeopardize your chances at a second interview or a formal offer.

Here are some that you should be aware of, and avoid:

Not preparing enough

You should take the job interview very seriously if you want a good chance of being offered a job. Don’t underestimate the importance of practicing questions, knowing what to bring with you, and building your confidence before a job interview.

Not being on time

Being punctual is a sign of organization and respect. Being late is one of the worst mistakes during a job interview you could make, so be well-prepared and get there early.

Not dressing the part

Dressing in professional business attire is essential for any job interview. It will demonstrate your professionalism and how serious you are about the position and your career. If you need any tips, read what to wear to an interview here.

Not introducing yourself correctly

You only get one chance at a first impression, so you should make it count. Make sure you know how to introduce yourself at a job interview for maximum impact and ensure you are showcasing your professionalism.

Not speaking clearly or rushing

It is easy to let your nerves get the better of you during a job interview, but you should not let that happen. Your speech may become rushed or unclear, and it will reflect poorly on your ability to do the job.

Not being polite or respectful

Proper etiquette is not only appreciated, it is expected. At every point of communication and with every person you deal with, you should be polite and respectful whilst following these important interview etiquette tips.

Not turning your phone off

This is one of the most common mistakes during a job interview. Everyone is accustomed to having their phone on them and think it is ok for it to simply be turned to ‘silent’ mode. What you may not consider though is that vibrations may still be heard in the interview room which is not only embarrassing, it is disrespectful. Switch your phone to ‘airplane’ mode, or turn it off completely.

Not ending the job interview on a good note

You are likely going to be relieved once your interview ends, but you should still act as professionally and formal outside of the interview space as you do inside of it. You never know who works for the company or building in the elevator you are in, or sitting at the office cafeteria you are in, or just happened to take the same route as you to the train. Ensure you conduct yourself accordingly so as not to make a bad impression.

Not considering other employees you come in contact with

There are a number of other employees you are likely going to be interacting with, and one of the mistakes during a job interview you could make is to not give them the same courtesy and respect as you do your interviewer. They could be office managers or receptionists, personal assistants, or even employees who walk past you whilst you are waiting for your interview. As your potential new colleagues and potential feedback sources to the hiring manager, be aware of your behavior. You should also thank every person you come in contact with on your way out of the job interview with a light bow.

Don’t make these easy to avoid mistakes during a job interview. For more interview tips, visit our job interview hub, or contact our team today.

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