The job interview process is very formal and structured in Japan and your behaviour should be suited to the occasion.

You should always be polite and considerate of the hiring manager’s time and space, so how you introduce yourself will have a big impact on the first impression you give to them and their company, which ultimately will help you reach your goal of being offered a job.

Here are our tips on how to introduce yourself so that you can set yourself up for success:

Step 1: Before you introduce yourself

Ensure you are organised before entering into the hiring manager’s office or interview space. A lot of how to introduce yourself is your visual appearance and looking the part. Read up on what to wear to an interview and what to bring to a job interview to ensure you look professional, tidy, and put together.

Step 2: Introducing yourself at reception

When you arrive at your interview, you will often go through a receptionist room or be met by an office manager, so you need to know how to introduce yourself in this environment and this part of the interview process. Upon arrival and greeting, ensure you are polite and mention your name and the reason you are there; for an interview, with the interviewer's name. It is good to make a good first impression with the company and the employee’s you hope to be your colleagues, so thank the person assisting you and if you pass any other employees, a light bow will be well-received.

Step 3: Introducing yourself to the interview room

This is the most important part of how to introduce yourself at a job interview. When you are told your interviewer is ready for you, knock on the interview room door three times to announce your presence. When you are asked to enter, politely say ‘excuse me’ and quietly close the door behind you. When you face the interviewer or interview panel, bow in respect. Before you sit down, introduce yourself with a phrase such as “My name is (say your name), it is a pleasure to meet you” and bow again. The interviewer will ask you to sit, so thank them as you take a seat. Ensure you have good posture, sit up straight, keep your legs together, and do not relax your posture or lean back on the chair throughout the interview.

Step 4: Introducing yourself as part of your interview

You need to know how to introduce yourself at the beginning of an interview. Being asked to “please introduce yourself” is a very common interview question. It may seem straight-forward and the easiest part of an interview, but it is very important in setting the tone for your time with the hiring manager. Practice your self-introduction so that you make a good first impression.

Step 5: Don’t undo the good impression you made

You’ve learned how to introduce yourself and made a great first impression - congratulations! Ensure you don’t let yourself and your efforts down when your interview has finished and you stand up to leave. When walking to the exit, ensure you bow to them and say goodbye before you quietly close the door behind you.

General tips to consider when introducing yourself at a job interview:

  • Speak clearly and audibly
  • Keep a good attitude
  • Ensure you present yourself with confidence. Here are tips on how to build your confidence before a job interview.

Knowing how to introduce yourself can greatly impact your overall job interview success. Visit our job interview hub here if you want to find out more about the job interview process and other steps, or contact us today.

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