Back End Developer in East England

What is a back end developer?

Back end developers are responsible for creating and maintaining technology at the back end of a website (the server, database and application). The attractive visuals created by designers, UX professionals and front end developers couldn’t exist without the technology provided by a back end developer.

Back end developer job description and responsibilities

A backend developer works alongside front end developers, full stack developers, programmers or UX specialists to create comprehensive digital solutions for business needs. They make sure the website is scalable and that it can still function when hit by large loads—be that traffic or demanding scripts. They are also tasked with maintaining and testing existing back end elements to ensure they’re as fast and efficient as possible. Data storage also comes under their remit, which requires them to have a good knowledge of data security and compliance.Typical duties include:Building and maintaining web applicationsAssessing the efficiency and speed of current applicationsWriting high-quality codeManaging hosting environmentsQA testingTroubleshooting and debuggingKeeping on top of new technologies

Back end developer qualifications, skills and experience

Back end developers should ideally have experience working in a back end environment. Employers will be looking for a minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject, such as Computer Science.Professionals should have some or most of the following skills and experience:Fluent in scripting languages like Ruby, PHP, .Net, C# or JavaExperience with Ruby, Laravel, Django or Express frameworksExperience with SQL, MySLQ and Oracle database systemsVersion control, such as Git, CVS or SVNKnowledge of SOAP and REST web servicesKnowledge and experience with compliance and data security is also important, especially after the implementation of GDPR. Developers should also have some of the following personal qualities:Good problem solving skillsHigh attention to detailGood analytical thinkingExcellent communicationAbility to work well as part of a team

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Salary for Back End Developer in East England
41075 - 74995
25th Percentile
Little or no prior experience in the position; still developing relevant skills. Demand: Low
50th Percentile
Some prior experience in the position; has several relevant skills. Demand: Moderate
75th Percentile
Extensive prior experience in the position; has mastered relevant skills. Demand: High
Projected salaries for related positions Position title 25th Percentile 50th Percentile 75th Percentile Head of Engineering 87980 93280 115540 Lead Engineer 54590 63865 71285 Fullstack Developer 41075 53530 71020 Front-End Developer 46375 58565 80295 Applications Support 33920 49290 53530 Test Manager 46110 60685 82150 Test Analyst / QA 28620 37100 52205

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