At Robert Half we know that all employees have different needs. That is why we offer our employees a Flex Income Plan. FIP is a way of diversifying and individually tailoring the terms and conditions of employment. We create a budget based on existing benefits which you can use in the FIP web shop from which you are free to choose.
We regularly benchmark our salaries to ensure that we’re offering a salary that is competitive.
Our bonus plan is very generous.
Available to all sales roles and some roles in our corporate service center, we offer company-issued mobile devices.
Yours and your family’s health is our priority. We offer you and your family hospitalization insurance without deductibles. We also think about the time after your career, which is why we offer group insurance with complementary private savings.
Wherever you work at Robert Half, all employees have access to confidential support when you need it with our EAP fully paid by Robert Half.
We offer several mobility options. We pay 100% back of your public transport and you can also lease a bike. Some of our sales roles and higher management get a company car.