Robert Half's Salary Guide identified programming skills as the second most sought-after skill among IT professionals in Singapore as nominated by one in three (33%) CTOs, just behind database management skills which was cited by 36% of CTOs.

Businesses are continuing to embrace the exciting possibilities offered by programming languages, and this is likely to see demand continue to rise for IT talent with strong programming skills.

However with multiple programming languages in existence it is critical for IT professionals to identify the single best programming language to learn – both to set yourself apart from competing talent and to further your career. To make the job easier, we look at five of the best programming languages to learn to help you secure your next exciting IT role.


If there is one programming language worth knowing, it’s Java. It is simple, readable, well-established, and Java underpins many of the online services we use on a daily basis.

Java also holds a trump card for the future. It is used to develop Android apps and is the programming language behind some of the world’s most successful websites including Amazon and LinkedIn. If there is a programming language to learn that will strengthen your career options, think Java.


JavaScript (unrelated to Java) is an ideal programming language to learn if you’re planning a career developing websites featuring the interactive functions, animations and pop-ups often found in today’s websites.

JavaScript also works well on sites accessed via different devices and browsers, so it ranks highly as one of the programming languages to learn if you are keen to combine IT skills and a sense of creativity to deliver an enhanced user experience.


Python is widely used and is the programming language behind popular websites like Reddit, Google and NASA.

Often regarded as an entry-level language, Python doesn’t require too much prior knowledge to master, making it a useful programming language to learn if you are relatively new to IT or if you plan to assist smaller businesses develop a strong online presence with a highly readable website.


C# (pronounced ‘C-sharp’) is a great multi-purpose programming language to learn if you are interested in developing web applications for Microsoft Windows rather than Apple systems. C# is cost-effective, which makes it popular with businesses looking for simple, general-purpose, object-oriented results.


The strength of SQL (Structured Query Language) lies in its ability to process and store large quantities of complex data. Virtually every technology has some requirement for SQL, making this a highly desirable programming language to learn and understand.

These five programming languages are by no means an exhaustive list of the languages used by businesses today. However they are definitely some of the best programming languages to learn as they will leave you well-equipped to offer valuable technical support and provide creative solutions in Asia’s tech-driven commercial environment.

As programming skills become more keenly sought-after across the Asian business community, it is important to clearly highlight your skills and programming experience in your resume. This allows hiring firms to see at a glance that you have what it takes to become their next IT team member.