Finding the right job can begin with researching companies to explore if they can support your career growth, and offer the opportunities and challenges that you are looking for.

Start with the basics

A few fundamental questions to research are:

  • Where are the company’s headquarters and global offices located?
  • How many staff are employed?
  • Who are its competitors, and how does your employer attempt to distinguish itself from them? Who are the top executives?
  • What are the company’s main lines of business?
  • Who are its clients?

For publicly-traded companies, corporate financial statements are another reliable source. They are usually available on the company’s website. A quick look at these will tell you about the company’s profitability, and shed light on successes and failures.

Company culture

Take the time to review the careers section of the company website to learn about how the organisation fosters productivity in the workplace. Other aspects worth exploring include whether the company has an active CSR initiative, or whether the company has a clear training program for mentoring staff.

These types of facts can help shape not only your preconceptions about the company, but offer you a useful insight into whether this company suits your needs.

Another good area to explore is the company's communication style. Are they responsive, polite and respectful?

Go beyond the headline

News stories that mention your potential employer can expand your research efforts of the company. Knowing how the company is perceived in the public eye can showcase that you stay up-to-date on current affairs.

A simple Google News search can reveal recent or relevant stories about the company, such as spokespeople commenting on key issues, or the organisation being recognised for achievements in its field.

The news section of a company’s website can also provide useful press releases and media coverage links. Many organisations also maintain company LinkedIn pages where you can find posts about recent news and events.

Extra: Research your interviewers

If you have already researched a company, going the extra mile to also learn about the leadership team could provide you further insight.

Spending a little time to research the company leaders on Linkedin could provide you with useful insights and details, such as their educational training, career background and tenure with the company.

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