Following the proper interview etiquette requirements can ensure you make a positive impression with a potential employer.

It’s important during this stage to demonstrate you are reliable and professional, along with dedicated to becoming a new member of the company you are applying for.

These key rules can put you in an advantageous position to make a strong impression with the hiring managers.

Interview etiquette rules to follow:

  • Ensure you do your research on the company before your interview. It will ensure that you make the best use of the interview time and that you have good conversation.

  • Dress appropriately for the interview and ensure you are conservative and professional. You can read more here on what to wear to a job interview to ensure you are following good interview etiquette.

  • Introduce yourself correctly. Here are some tips on how to introduce yourself to help your first impression be a good one.

  • If you are offered a coffee or water, accept it graciously.

  • Bow correctly, both in terms of posture and in terms of acceptable forms for business.

  • Be aware of your body language by not slouching.

  • When handing over documents such as your resume, portfolio or business card, use both hands to do so.

  • Speak clearly and use formal vocabulary and etiquette. It is a formal affair and your interview etiquette should match.

  • Address everyone in the interview room, as quite often there can be panels of people asking questions or multiple decision makers.

  • Give praise the company and the work the hiring manager’s team has done. After all, you want to join them, so you want to show that you are aligned to their mission and goals.

  • If your interviewers happen to follow you out of the room after your interview to walk you out, allow them to exit by seniority.

  • Remember written etiquette. This is everything from how you pass on your resume and cover letter to sending a thank you note or email after the interview.

  • Treat other employees with respect, from the office managers and personal assistants to the hiring managers and CEOs.

  • Respond to all communications promptly, such as interview requests and offers. It is disrespectful to keep others waiting for you.

Interview etiquette rules to avoid:

  • Don’t be late. It is extremely unprofessional and disrespectful to be late, and there are many benefits of not being late to a job interview. You should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

  • Don’t treat the job interview as informal. Acknowledging that it is a formal proceeding and respecting that is an important rule of interview etiquette.

  • Don’t forget to knock correctly. Usually knocking three times on the job interview door to announce your presence is considered standard and acceptable.

  • Don’t interrupt your interviewers. Even if they misheard you or misunderstood you or you think of something good to say, it would be poor interview etiquette. Wait until your turn to respond.

  • Don’t have your phone on you. If you do have to have it, ensure it is on airplane mode or completely turned off. Even ‘silent’ mode can cause vibration noises that are distracting in a quiet room.

  • Do not fidget, slouch, or cross your arms. Posture and professionalism are very important to show that you are put together.

  • Don’t enter a room or sit down without the interviewer acknowledging you and giving permission to you to enter or sit.

  • Don’t ask about salary. It is a sensitive issue to discuss and only reserved for the time when you have an official job offer. Do not make your hiring manager uncomfortable by bringing it up before that.

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