Wife, mother, career woman? As the number of dual-income families continues to rise, we look at why it pays – in more ways than one – to be a working mother.

We are all too familiar with the cons of being a working mother. Missing milestones, tearful goodbyes, and dealing with expectations in the workplace add up to an extremely tough juggling act. Rather than dwelling on the bad, we examine the advantages of being a working mother who loves her job, to remind ourselves of all the perks of our efforts.

1. We anticipate potential problems before they arise

The world is a dangerous place for kids, and mothers are constantly trying to make it a little safer for our accident-prone little ones. How does this help in the office? Well, planning ahead and identifying the pain points of any situation becomes second nature to us mothers, allowing us to nip issues in the bud.

2. Our patience is unending

It’s no secret; children are designed to get on our nerves. Yet somehow, working mothers can handle messes, tantrums and all manner of terrible behaviour without losing our cool. Perhaps we’ve found our inner peace. More likely, we’ve just mastered the art of screaming in our heads instead of out loud. Nonetheless, it’s a valuable skill when dealing with difficult people or situations in our corporate lives.

3. We don’t panic

Despite our best efforts, there will be pitfalls. The first time your child took a tumble, you probably rushed over, assuming the worst. But by the 27th time, you’ve learnt to respond, not react. One of the great advantages of working mothers is that we’re less prone to hitting the panic button. We know that things aren’t always as bad as they seem, and this applies even in the office.

4. We are naturally nurturing

As our children grow, it’s our job to guide them in the right direction, and teach them the simple philosophies of life. At the same time, we often have to let them learn from their own mistakes. A few bruises or knee scrapes never hurt anyone! Working mothers make great mentors in the office because we instinctively know the importance of nurturing junior talent without stifling them.

5. We are ultra-productive and super-efficient

There are only twenty-four hours in a day, and somehow we manage to be chauffeur, cook, teacher, cleaner, and entertainer to our kids. All these in addition to our own responsibilities at work. Children can make the best laid plans go awry, so we have to plan their timetables down to the minute while leaving room for last-minute changes in plans. This naturally becomes habit after a while, and we find ourselves making the same mental calculations when planning a project timeline, or when organising an event for work. Quite simply, there is no time to lose!

6. We don’t give up

Any mother who has nursed a sick child through the night knows this: no matter how tired and miserable we are, we’ll soldier on for the sake of our little ones. Working mothers don’t quit when the going gets tough.

We may not always be physically present for our kids, but we show our love for them in the sacrifices that we make, and the time and effort we put into providing for them. The advantages of being a working mother may be understated, but they are no less valuable. We are in the business of loving our kids, and there are so many ways to do just that.

Make your days count when you love what you do.