We foster a corporate culture where all people can connect, thrive and grow.
As a global organization, Robert Half recognizes the importance of embracing diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences and prioritizing representation throughout the company. Diversity encompasses the full range of human differences and similarities, including people of different ethnicities, races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, non-apparent and apparent disabilities, ages, educational backgrounds, social classes and beyond.
Our company supports the communities where we live and do business. We create relationships with workers and businesses, external organizations, and other local community members to learn about the people we serve and support. These efforts along with our internal Employee Network Groups (ENGs) help to build a dynamic and inclusive environment at Robert Half where people feel comfortable being themselves at work.
Robert Half International Inc. President and CEO Keith Waddell, President and CEO of Talent Solutions Paul Gentzkow, and Protiviti Inc. President and CEO Joe Tarantino have committed to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, aimed at advancing inclusion and diversity in the workplace and community.
The company’s employee-created groups focus on traditionally underrepresented populations and bring together colleagues with common interests. All staff are welcome to join and benefit from education, support, networking, advocacy and allyship.
As Robert Half's flagship diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiative, our ENGs continue to grow in membership, participation and philanthropy, and they receive significant funding and support from executive leadership. The ENGs increase cross-company collaboration and amplify exposure to DEI topics on a global level.
Driven by and engaging our teams, the ENGs provide a safe space for discussions, ideas and concerns. Events and programs range from podcasts, conversation series and mentoring activities to community outreach, external guest speakers and companywide live streams, often attended by thousands.
Robert Half hosts webinars, events and learning opportunities related to DEI, often in collaboration with our ENGs. These help educate employees on topics like unconscious bias, allyship, and mental health.
Robert Half has forged alliances with a range of organizations that support the needs and interests of diverse groups. Collaborating with these organizations enables our company to enhance workforce and community development, including providing networking, recruiting, community engagement and professional development opportunities to our employees.
Supplier Inclusion at Robert Half is a corporate-wide initiative designed to support the promotion, growth, and development of small and/or diverse-, women-, LGBTQ+-owned businesses, and business owners with apparent and non-apparent disabilities.
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