Have you ever wondered about the career paths open to English majors? It’s a common belief that most of them end up in teaching or traditional publishing, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to jobs for English majors who are motivated and adaptable, whether their college specialization deals with literature or creative writing or something else entirely. Their skills are in demand across various industries that offer some of the best-paying job for English majors, breaking the mold of what you might expect. English majors are assets in the tech sector, for example, turning complex tech speak into something everyone can get. In nonprofits, they’re storytellers who rally people around great causes. But it’s in the creative and marketing world where some of the best jobs for English majors are abundant, and English majors can really come into their own. Whether it’s cooking up catchy marketing slogans or crafting ads that everyone talks about, their ability to tell a story, think deeply and get creative is what sets them apart. With their top-notch language skills, English majors are just the right fit for these lively and ever-changing industries. Next up, we’re going to look at eight creative and marketing jobs suited to English majors. These roles show just how flexible an English degree can be and how many different ways there are to use those skills.
In the world of publishing and digital content, being a copy editor means you’re fine-tuning text to make sure it’s clear, flows well and hits the mark. Picture yourself diving into articles, books or web content, doing more than just fixing grammar and syntax. You get to polish and reshape the copy to really make it shine. English majors are great at this sort of work, using their language skills to check facts, craft eye-catching headlines and keep everything consistent. Familiarity with traditional proofreaders’ marks and editing software like Acrobat and Word is often essential. See our open copy editor jobs — and look up starting salary projections in the Salary Guide. You can also adjust salaries for your location.
As a proofreader, you’re the last line of defense before written content is released into the wild. In this role, you’re all about catching and fixing any grammar, spelling and formatting slip-ups others might have missed. Your job includes cross-checking facts, making sure the tone and format are just right and working with editors and writers to iron out any kinks. This is an excellent job opportunity for English majors who love the nitty-gritty of language and ensuring everything reads just right. See our open proofreader jobs
Want to turn your English major into a career crafting brand stories? As a copywriter in the marketing and creative sectors, your mission is to create clear, concise and grammatically correct copy that shapes and drives customer engagement. You’ll be at the forefront of developing a consistent brand voice, working closely with creative teams on content for everything from product launches to web campaigns. In addition to top-notch writing skills, this role requires a blend of creativity, attention to detail, adaptability and a willingness to learn the nuts and bolts of marketing. See our open copywriter jobs.
Do you have a passion for writing and a keen interest in technology? Imagine combining these to create content that bridges the gap between complex technical concepts and the people who need to understand them. As a technical writer, you’ll interpret niche subjects for a wide audience, develop user-friendly manuals and help systems, and work closely with tech teams. This position calls for a mix of strong writing, research and analytical skills — ideal for English majors who thrive in environments where clear communication and a detailed understanding of subject matter are fundamental. See our open technical writer — marketing and creative jobs.
Interactive/web copywriters are the weavers of the World Wide Web, crafting clear and compelling online content. Your role spans authoring articles, product descriptions, online ads, e-newsletters, blog posts and even podcast scripts. You’ll be repurposing existing copy for the web, planning email marketing campaigns and presenting creative concepts to clients. This job is perfect for English majors with narrative skills and attention to detail, preferably coupled with an understanding of HTML and search engine optimization (SEO). See our open interactive/web copywriter jobs.
The email marketing specialist is a critical player in digital marketing, orchestrating email campaigns that not only inform but also captivate consumers and business partners about new products, services or company news. This job requires a blend of creativity and analytics, involving managing and segmenting contact lists using marketing tools like Eloqua, Marketo and HubSpot. It also requires solid project management, copywriting skills and a working knowledge of HTML and content management. If you’re an English major with a flair for persuasive writing and audience engagement and a quick learner of new software, this role could be your perfect match. See our open email marketing specialist jobs.
In the position of  communications/public relations specialist, you’re the driving force behind your organization’s brand and reputation. Your responsibilities include preparing press releases, managing internal and external communications, responding to media contacts and identifying new media opportunities. You’ll also be involved in preparing company leaders for interviews and analyzing media coverage to assess the impact of PR campaigns. English majors can really shine in this job. Their knack for clear writing, critical thinking and smooth communication makes them naturals at managing a company’s image and making sure the world sees the best side of what your organization does. See our open communications/public relations specialist jobs.
As an English major taking on the content manager role, you become the go-to person for creating and strategizing a brand’s content. This position blends creative leadership with editorial skills. It involves crafting relevant, engaging content, and optimizing it for search engines. You’ll confirm that all content is brand-appropriate and aligned with the company’s creative direction. Managing visuals, including infographics and videos, and analyzing website and social media metrics are also crucial parts of the job, requiring a solid history in leading successful content marketing campaigns and a keen understanding of layout and design. See our open content manager jobs.
English majors, the world is your oyster!  From the precision of proofreading to the creativity of content management, your skills are a perfect match for many rewarding jobs, both in terms of good pay and using your degree to help you get to where you want to be creatively. Embrace a future where your critical thinking and passion for words shape brand narratives, drive customer engagement and, for you, open doors to a world of diverse career opportunities. FIND A JOB THAT WORKS FOR YOU!