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The future of data and AI

During the pandemic, there was rapid growth in global data capture as people spent more time at home using smartphones and computers. Today, data-centric roles are experiencing strong growth as more companies are adopting data-driven models to streamline their business processes.

Growing demand in Singapore

In today’s digital world, data is king when it comes to understanding and improving business performance. Big data analytics: Greater focus on analysing and manipulating large amounts of data to create insights and models that guide and inform business decisions and strategy. Artificial Intelligence: Emphasis on data-centric AI and AI-centric data as part of a company’s data management strategy.

Top data management positions in demand

Data Analyst Data Scientist Data Engineer

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We have recruitment specialists in Singapore dedicated to sourcing the right data and AI talent. We can quickly understand your AI and data management needs and partner with you to source the best permanent talent in the market.

How Robert Half has helped their clients

Your hiring needs in Singapore will vary depending on your business priorities and we understand that. We can help you source permanent hires to join your team on a long-term basis.

Data analyst – Report generation

Hiring assignment: Robert Half was approached by one of the world’s leading market intelligence companies for support hiring a Data Analyst responsible for automating and improving the company’s report generation processes. Our solution: After taking a multichannel approach we were able to supply the client with three highly qualified candidates in the space of just one week. Despite the engagement being undertaken at the beginning of the busy holiday season, Robert Half was able to meet our client’s needs in just three weeks – from the client contacting us with their hiring request to the role being filled. Result: The Data Analyst has added significant value to the company by streamlining the reporting process. The timeframe for report generation has been cut from 3-4 days to just one day, giving company leaders timely access to critical business intel.

Data analyst – Big data

Hiring assignment: Robert Half was approached by a large multinational in the hospitality sector seeking support to hire two data analysts, who would be tasked with developing a global template to store big data using VBA Excel. Our solution: Robert Half recruitment specialists immediately leveraged our strong inventory of pre-screened talent. Within just one week, the client was presented with two highly qualified and experienced candidates. The company hired both candidates, with the recruitment process taking just two weeks from the client’s first point of contact with Robert Half. Result: With two highly skilled data analysts in place, the company is on track to have effective big data templates in place within the required timeframe. This will allow the organisation to harness the wealth of data it is accumulating to improve decision-making, facilitate better targeting of market segments, and achieve growth in the competitive Asia Pacific market.

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Data analyst Data architect Data engineer Data scientist

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