Dynamic and varied, the role of an Office Manager is highly rewarding and never dull. As the main point of contact for employees in your department as well as upper level management, and with far-reaching responsibilities from administration to budgeting and so much in between, every day presents new and interesting challenges and exciting opportunities to grow.

With such a broad scope of daily tasks, there are some key skills and attributes you’ll need to thrive. To help you develop in your existing position or to succeed in a new role, in this article we’re sharing our essential tips and insights on how to be a successful Office Manager.

What are the key benefits of an office manager role?

One of the biggest drawcards of an Office Manager role is the diversity, so if you enjoy planning, coordinating and organising people, processes and projects, this could be the ideal fit for you. As the person responsible for the smooth running and efficiency of the entire office, you have a unique opportunity to work from both a hands on and strategic viewpoint.

You will also be closely involved with the growth and development of your team, which in itself can bring immense satisfaction. In addition, you’ll have the chance to view the organisation holistically, allowing you to identify areas where you can expand your own knowledge to grow in your role, with a high potential to step up to a mid or senior management position in the future.

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Why do office managers need to be subject matter experts?

As the go-to person within the department, the Office Manager needs to have all the answers (or know how to find them) on the product or service delivered and have an intimate knowledge of the broader industry where the organisation sits to really excel. On a daily basis you’ll be expected to respond to multiple questions and be required to find solutions for both your team on the floor and senior management above.

As Susan Koh, Senior Division Director at Robert Half Singapore explains, subject matter expertise is a crucial element to success. ‘Regardless of the industry, as an Office Manager, your ability to multi-task and problem-solve quickly and effectively is essential, and this relies heavily on the level of subject matter expertise you possess. If you don’t know your business inside out, you won’t be able to make the critical decisions that count.’

What are 3 essential skills an office manager should have?

Whether you are looking to secure an Office Manager position for the first time or are currently working in the role and wish to enhance your results and performance, developing the following three skills is a good place to start:

  1. Organisational – with the wide variety of tasks and the multitude of people you will be dealing with, being organised and time efficient is an absolute must to avoid overload.
  2. Communication – being empathetic, open to feedback and providing clear direction on expectations is the first step in fostering a positive and productive workplace culture.
  3. Problem-solving – the ability to think on your feet and analyse issues quickly to determine the best solution for the organisation, department, your team and stakeholders is key.

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How to be a successful office manager

In addition to the three essential skills above, to be a successful Office Manager, you’ll need to be highly capable in administrative tasks of all descriptions. A strong foundation in everything from answering phones to compiling financial reports allows you to delegate and assist with essential administrative tasks as required.

Being open and approachable is an important aspect of building a productive and happy team, as is regularly checking in with your people to be sure they are satisfied in their role, offering opportunities for growth or support as needed. It’s also important to ensure the workplace is a joy to be in and is set up in a way that is conducive to productivity, with allocated space for breaks, collaboration and focus where possible, as the surrounding environment impacts on the wellbeing and output of your team.

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How to become an office manager in Singapore

Becoming an Office Manager in Singapore can be easy with the right recruitment agency behind you. At Robert Half Singapore, our experienced team have placed hundreds of candidates in Office Manager roles, and we can help you find the perfect position for you. Simply upload your resume or contact our team to take the first step in your office management career today.