A company’s performance management process is integral not just to the operations of the business, but also to the relationships developed with, and among employees. Having a clear performance management plan in place sends a strong message to your staff that the organisation is invested in the professional development and career growth of its people - an important factor underpinning employee motivation and loyalty.

Learn the benefits of a comprehensive performance management process from performance reviews to making promotion decisions and managing pay rises from a recruitment firm in Japan.

The performance management process – integral to the success of your company

Having a strong performance management process in place is more than a human resources responsibility. It is tied to the operating success of the company, providing a framework on which bonuses, pay rises, and salary reviews are based, and this in turn directly impacts staffing costs.

Having a clear performance management plan for each employee provides a transparent framework for every staff member to know how well they have performed, where they can improve, which areas they need further training and professional development in – and how the company will support (and reward) them to grow and develop in their career.

Why is a performance assessment important?

The performance assessment is a valuable opportunity to provide feedback to your staff on how they have performed, where they can improve, and to plan career goals for the year ahead.

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Employee promotion

Recognising when an employee is ready for a promotion is an important part of being a manager – leaving high calibre talent in the same role for too long can see them asking questions about their future with the company. This makes it essential to recognise the attributes that show a staff member is ready to take the next step.

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How to handle a pay rise request

Recognising which employees deserve a pay rise can help you retain your best talent. But sometimes you may be approached with an unexpected request for a salary increase, and it’s critical to know how to handle the situation professionally yet with empathy.

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How to help staff with goal setting

Goal setting can help improve staff performance, team output, and lead to organisational success. Learn how to mentor and lead your staff to set goals.

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How to conduct a performance assessment

Conducting an assessment of an employee’s performance is an effective way to ensure productivity and strong teams. Learn how you can conduct an assessment ahead of your employee’s next review.

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What is an MBO?

If you’re looking for a way to set employee goals and track performance in a clear and realistic way, the MBO may be the approach you’re looking for. It aligns employee objectives and output with organisational goals, making it results-oriented.

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What is the difference between an MBO and OKR?

Read how the MBO focuses on what you want to achieve, and how OKR sets what you want to achieve and outlines the key things you need to do for success.

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